It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm in "Boss!" with Kelsey Grammer

When did life get so busy? Do you remember about a year and 1/2 ago when I was underemployed, working at Ann Taylor Loft about 10 hours a week? Or two years ago when I was unemployed? When I prayed that I would find my path and get a job, someone was sure listening.

Now I'm going to grad school full-time which is about 30 hours of class time a week. Then there's homework and projects on top of that, which is at least 10 hours a week. Despite my adviser's warning that people don't work while in this program, I'm also continuing to do freelance PR work, which is about 20-25 hours a week. Then just for extra kicks, I'm also working at WBBM-AM as a writer, which is about 8 hours a week. Phew. I finally understand when people say they are so busy, they feel like instead of being good at one thing, they are sort of mediocre at a lot of things. (Hence why the lack of blog posts lately).

In the "Boss"
This weekend, something happened that truly made me realize how crazy things are. A friend of mine sent me this's me making an oh-so-quick appearance in the Starz show "Boss" starring Kelsey Grammer that aired Friday night. (I did some extra work this spring and summer. Side note--despite what his ex-wife says, Kelsey is super cool). Isn't that fun? Apparently, my Pops saw me in last week's episode too. But instead of being super obsessive like I was when I made an oh-so-quick appearance in "The Playboy Club" by watching the show, making all my friends watch the show, freeze framing the shot, and telling the world about it---now, I don't even have time to watch. I'm thinking I might be able to during Christmas break?

In other news, anyone have suggestions on how to write a 10-page paper, get interviews, edit and voice three videos and write four print stories while squeezing in three WBBM shifts and PR work in the next two weeks? Oy vay.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chicago transportation: Not all created equal

When it comes to using public transportation in Chicago, you quickly realize one thing: it ain't equal.

For the past six weeks or so, I've been part of the daily grind for grad school. I've had to take a train downtown in the morning and back home in the evening. I learned quickly there is a fine art to have to time it out just right so you can actually get on the crowded train without having to start your very own mosh pit. (Look out people! I'm coming in!)

I had been taking the red line L train for about a week when I started complaining to Mike that I could never get a seat because of all the bums passed out on it, and I was pretty sure I was getting the H1N1 virus just by touching the train's handles. He suggested I take the brown line since it goes to the financial district, so it might be a little cleaner.

The brown line. Look, there are seats!
The next day, I decided to give the brown line a whirl. As the doors opened, it was suddenly like everything was in slow motion and the angels were singing a lovely tune. There was not only room for me to get on, everyone on board was clean and reading things like the Wall Street Journal. Score! I thought, "How have I not discovered the awesomeness of the brown line earlier?"

As I was riding towards the Quincy stop, I started thinking about just how different the red and brown lines really are....

--On the red line, fellow train goers offers you a hit on their bong. On the brown line, they offer you a dollop of their Grey Poupon.

-- On the red line, fellow train goers are reading "How to successfully rob someone on a train." On the brown line, they're reading "How to protect yourself in a city" or "Why not to take the red line--one victim's story."

-- On the red line, you don't want to have your cell phone out, for fear it could get stolen. On the brown line, you can easily Skype your family back home in Minnesota.

-- On the red line, you'll likely smell like a mix of urine and Cheetos after you get off. On the brown line, it's more like an expensive cologne or bourbon.

--On the red line, you'll hear some crazy person yelling that the world is ending at the end of the day.  On the brown line, it's more of a warning to get your stock options in order.

--On the red line, if someone sneezes on you, you're most likely getting a flesh-eating virus. On the brown line, well it doesn't matter, because they covered their mouth with an embroidered handkerchief.