It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ew, gross!

Living with a man, you quickly realize your bathroom will never be clean longer than a few hours.  NEVER.  You scrub and scrub and make everything spotless, but as soon as your man brushes his teeth, or even worse, goes to the bathroom, forget about it.

I'd love to see the way Mike brushes his teeth or pees.  Okay, not really, but after he brushes his teeth, the mirror is covered in toothpaste.  Does he sing a Kid Rock song at the top of his lungs while brushing?  Sheesh!  Don't even get me started about him going to the bathroom.  The funny thing is, when we dated he always hit the toilet.  I never remember walking into the bathroom and having my socks get instantly soaked before.  Now I swear he must be doing the Macarena while peeing.

Finally, what is it with the hair?  Does a man's body shed every two days, and then he quickly regrows it all back?  Wowsers...I don't remember reading about this as a little girl in my Cinderella book.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's that awful sound?

Do you know what misery sounds like?  It's the muffled cries of a Chihuahua locked out on the balcony in 4 degree weather.

Ugh, I know, we're terrible parents!   Don't worry, my mom has already threatened to call child protective services.

I've shown you before, we have a little piece of fake grass on the balcony that the doggies use to go to the bathroom.  It's a high-rise living staple.  The night before last, Mike opened up the door for them to go out.  Bailey usually doesn't go unless one of us carries her out there (yes, she's spoiled), so we assumed Buckeye was the only one who went out.  He came back in and Mike shut the door.

I continued getting ready for bed when I heard soft cries.  I thought maybe it was a baby, but no one on our floor has kids, so that seemed strange.  I asked Mike, "Do you hear that?"  His response, "Hear what?"  (Thank god for a mother's intuition!)  I told him I thought Bailey was locked in a closet somewhere.  (That's happened before.  She's only 4 pounds and very hard to see on black clothing).

Finally Mike is like "Oh my god, she's outside!"  Because she's black, we couldn't see her body through the glass door, just her big brown eyes wet with teardrops.  (again, she's spoiled)  We let her in and her ears and paws were freezing!  I'm not exactly sure how long she'd been out there.  She was fine, but I insisted on holding her like a baby for the next half hour.

The moral of the story?  We clearly aren't ready to have kids yet.

Friday, January 29, 2010

It's on!

Did I tell you the war with our neighbor continues?

You may remember a couple of weeks ago, Mike and I came home from the movies to find a nasty gram on our door. It said our dogs barked all the time, and if we couldn't control them, our neighbor was going to management. It also said if we kept them quiet, everyone on the floor would certainly be happy, implying everyone was talking about us.

Well, because I am unemployed and home 22 hours a day, I knew this wasn't true. My dogs happily sleep all day and occasionally get up to eat. Even when my friends visit the apartment, they remark how well behaved the doggies are.

So now it seems the neighbor has something to prove, and is going out of her way to make the dogs bark. Case in when she's taking her dog out, she insists on running up and down the hall in front of our door, yelling, "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, let's go!" What is that? We live on the site of a former golf course, so there is plenty of land outside to run with your dog.

Then the other night Mike and I were eating dinner, and we heard this neighbor again. Mike said, "Is she really shaking her keys right outside our door?" Yep! She now jingles her keys the entire time she's waiting for the elevator. Up until then, I might have thought I was just being paranoid, but since the laid-back Mike noticed it, it's legit.

Let me ask you this...are people really that unhappy or bored in their lives that they have to stir up stuff? I say this girl needs a man! So if you know a guy who'd loves crazy women with wiener dogs and no social skills, send him our way!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunshine Finally!

What do you think when you see these pictures?  "Oh, those are cute dogs!"  Or, "I would never tell Jeannie this, but her Chihuahua's kind of look like rats."  (Ha, ha, I caught you!)
What I see is.....sunshine!!  Yeah!  After about two weeks of the Midwest doom and gloom, I woke up to see the sun shining today.  It's actually so hot in the apartment, I have to open the windows.

What people from the West (i.e. Wyoming, Colorado) don't realize, is that the sun doesn't shine all year long in most parts of the country.  Living in the Midwest has certainly been an adjustment for me, in fact, for the first 3 years, I battled serious seasonal depression.

Now, I'm used to it, and I completely appreciate the sun when it's out.  So if it's sunny in your neck of the woods today too, make sure to enjoy it, and know that spring is right around the corner.  (Of course we have to get through that awful time known as February first.  What helps?  Vodka).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here comes the bride!

We're getting super close to the big day!  Exactly 157 days away.  Am I that much of a Bridezilla that I counted?  Nope, I actually found this great website,, that counts down for you.  I also put the details of the wedding on the site, and pics and info about our wedding party and our family.  Also, people can RSVP on there too.  You should check it out!  Just go to that site and type in my name under "Search Website."

People keep remarking on two things--the fact that there are 20 people in our wedding party, and the fact that we invited 350 people.
I know, I know, it's a lot!  Here's the thing...I'm 31 years old and Mike is 30.  He's lived in Ohio, Florida, and Illinois.  I've lived in Wyoming, Colorado, Florida, Indiana and Illinois.  We know a lot of people at this point in our lives!  It doesn't help there are 100 people in his immediate family that we had to invite. (Italians-sheesh!)  I'm talking people he doesn't even know.  If you said, "Think fast, who's Tony Soprano?," he'd be like "I dunno," when in reality that's his Uncle's cousin who will be sitting at Table 7.

So keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  Not that everything goes smoothly, or there's no rain the day of the event, just that half the people on our list decide not to come but send fabulous gifts instead.

P.S.  We needed a new vacuum like yesterday.  Just sayin'.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Cuts Keep Coming

In Indianapolis, there are people who are very happy right now because the Colts are again going to the Super Bowl.  Go Colts!  But at the same time, there are also a lot of sad people who just lost their jobs.

At my old station, I was a part of the first round of cuts exactly one year ago, which were terrible.  I remember the general manager kept calling up people to his office, and they would come down crying.  I didn't feel bad for myself because I'm young (ish!), and I don't have a family.  But I really felt bad for people who had worked there for 25-30 years and had kids in college.

To many people's surprise, last Friday 4 more people were let go, and then another 3 were let go yesterday.  It's really sad that TV news is coming to this.  When people ask if I miss working in news, I say I miss working in the kind of newsroom that existed 8 years ago when I got out of college.  I don't miss what's going on now.

What I've realized is these cuts aren't any easier on the ones who stay.  They feel a sense of sadness for their co-workers no longer there, and at the same time, they worry about their own jobs.

To all of my TV friends--stay strong and know that things will get better.  Perhaps if you dream big, someday you can be out of work which gives you time to blog, watch reality TV and walk your Chihuahuas! 

(If you need a good laugh right now, just watch The Bachelor.  There's nothing more amusing than watching caddy girls fighting over one man.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Seriously? Do you need someone to wipe for you too?

What do you see when you look at these pictures?  Two beautiful women on the red carpet?  Two gorgeous dresses?  True to both, but I also see some irony.  Here's an A-list star holding her own umbrella, while the B-list celeb reporter can't hold her own.

When I was looking through these Golden Globes pics I noticed many celebrities had someone else hold their umbrella.  Seriously people?  When you become a star, do your arms stop working?

Look at this poor guy on the left holding Vanessa Minnillo's umbrella for her.  I'm sure he just loves that.  He probably took the job thinking he would be doing security detail, but there was no mention of having to do this.

I say good for you Cameron Diaz!  Not only are you a huge star who is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, you also seem to be far from a Diva.  Maybe you should take notes Vanessa.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Men vs. Women in Competitive Games. Men=Aggressive Women=Polite

Have you ever heard of Whirlyball?  I hadn't either until last night.  We went to a Whirlyball center near Lincoln Park for a friend's birthday party and had a blast!  It's a combination of basketball, Lacrosse, and bumper cars.  (See picture.  Even though I had a camera, I forgot to take any pics, so enjoy this picture of people in Seattle playing).

The object is for your team to make as many baskets as possible with a little ball and a mini Lacrosse stick.  All the while, you are bumping into each other with your cars.

We broke up our teams into girls versus guys.  Here's what I love...the guys tried as hard as they could to hit each other, preferably head on because that hurts the most.  But the girls avoided each other, and if we had an accidental collision, we'd exclaim, "Oh, I'm so sorry!"  (Remember my "I'm sorry" post a couple of months ago?)

It cracks me up that we're so polite, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anyone have a Kleenex?

When I was younger, I made fun of my mom because of her "Kleenex Addiction."  She always needed a Kleenex no matter where we were, and if she accidentally forgot one, I saw a slight panic come across her face.  My grandmother was the same way, and always had a travel pack of Kleenex with her at all times.  I was convinced it was all in their heads, that they just thought they needed one, and I vowed to never be the same way.

Then came 31 and me moving to Chicago.  What is it about getting older, that your nose runs all the time??  When you eat, you need one.  When you go to the movie, you need one.  When you get out of the shower, you probably need two.  Sheesh, is gravity affecting our noses too?

Chicago makes it even worse.  When you walk everywhere, your nose constantly runs.  When I'm walking on Michigan Avenue, I feel just like Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber with a frozen snot mustache on my upper lip. (I hope you're not eating right now!)

When I was working (hope you didn't blink and miss that one), it sounded like a symphony of sniffles as everyone struggled to keep the snot in their noses instead of running down their faces.

What's the point of this post?  I guess there really isn't one, except no matter how hard you try fighting getting older, it just doesn't work.

Friday, January 22, 2010

In the words of the great Bob Marley, "Don't worry about a thing! Every little thing gonna be all right!

Ladies and gentleman, it may be a new world record!  Drum roll please....I quit my job this morning after just 9 days.  You're probably asking, why????   What happened????  Last night after talking with Mike, I decided happiness is the most important thing in our lives.  If you'd rather pull out each of your toenails one by one than go to your job each day, it's not the right job.

I was hired to do research for a company that puts together conferences, but that really turned out to be a glorified sales job.

This is them: "You'll do research over the phone with companies about what's going on in the industry."
Reality: You'll make sales-type cold calls to people who either don't know you, or do know you and hate your guts.  And then they'll curse you.  And then they'll hang up on you. 

This is them:  "You'll put together conferences covering important topics."
Reality: This is an over-saturated market, with conferences going on every week.  Good luck convincing someone they just have to go!

This is them:  "You'll work together in the same room as all the other producers so you can collaborate."
Reality:  You sit at a desk ALL DAMN DAY with people who's eyes look like they are glazed over because their souls have been sucked out.

This is them:  "You'll love seeing the product come together."
Reality: You'll only love lunchtime and quitting time.

So you get my point.  Some people in this world are incredibly good at making sales, or they don't mind sitting at a desk all day.  Thank god those people exist, but I'm not one.  I've decided to follow my omens, continuing writing this blog and my book about broadcasting, and go back to school in March for my Master's in Education.

I hope all of you reading this are doing the career you love.  If not, get out fast and never look back.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I would like to take a moment to admit I was wrong....

I'll admit I was wrong about a post I made a few weeks ago.  I wrote about the different games on Facebook, like CafeWorld, that I thought were a huge waste of time.  I got feedback saying those games are enjoyable and a nice way to relax and forget about the troubles of the day.  To all of you: I now understand.

It is a crazy, busy, world, so if you find something that makes you happy, and makes you forget about the rude sales clerk, or the idiot driver, then I say more power to you!

What made me change my mind?  Last night I was sitting on the couch, drinking a glass of red wine in my purple velour Jersey-style jumpsuit, watching the MTV hit show "Jersey Shore."  Have you seen this show?  They put a bunch of 20's something's from New Jersey in a house on the boardwalk, and showcase their lives.  They drink, fight, but most importantly, they GTL. 

What is GTL?  It stands for Gym, Tanning, and Laundry.  Those are the 3 things they must do everyday.  As I sat there watching Vinny, Sweetheart, and Mike "The Situation" getting their daily dose of skin cancer, I realized, we all have our own vices.

So what if you make a pretend quiche in CafeWorld and ask your friends to eat it?  I watch guidos pumping iron.  What's worse?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome to Office Space

This probably isn't going to sound like an amazing revelation, but I finally realized today, I'll never have space in Chicago.  Duh, right?  Well I wasn't expecting to see rolling plains like in Wyoming, but I'm talking about personal space.  My goal at work: To have the bathroom all to myself just one time.
As I told Mike during dinner last night, "I'll never be able to number two, because there's always someone right next to me!"  (Okay, maybe not the best time to tell him)

It isn't just the bathroom.  When I go to get coffee, the line is 4 people deep.  When I go to get on the elevator, it's 20 people deep because they're rushing to go to lunch or home (see yesterday's post). When the co-worker who sits behind me needs to get up, I have to shimmy my chair out of her way.  Even when I went to wash my coke bottle out today so I can recycle it, there was a very impatient co-worker behind me clearly nudging me to move. 

I want to know how people do this their whole lives?  As I kid, I thought Wyoming was the most boring place on earth, but I now realize, I need those rolling plains from time to time to maintain my sanity. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh no, I'm boring!

I'm worried about the future of this blog.  I'm worried I don't have anything exciting to write about anymore because I'm working.  When I was unemployed, I was free to explore Chicago and write about the shenanigans and ballyhoo going on around me.  Now I'm in Corporate America where everyday is like Groundhog Day. 

Here's my day...
I go to work at 8 a.m., sit at my desk and make calls, all the while looking forward to lunch.
At noon, I got to lunch.
After lunch, I sit at my desk and make calls, all the while looking forward to 5 p.m.
5:01 p.m., I go home.
5:25 I put on my Jersey Shore-ish velour casual pantsuit and lay on the couch.  And. I. Don't. Move.
9:30 I get ready for bed and do it all over again.

Is my writing career over because I'm boring now???  Ugh!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Want to see the worst of humanity? Go to Nordstrom's during a sale

What is it about a sales rack that makes women so desperate?  So pushy?  So rude!?  At Nordstrom's this weekend, it was like every woman hadn't eaten in days, but the racks were filled with jelly doughnuts and Doritos.

At one particular rack, I was looking at a shirt when a woman pushed her way through the crowd so she was standing right next to me, shoulder to shoulder.  Then, so she could look at something, she pushed the whole rack of clothes down to my end, and I nearly lost a finger to the metal hangers whipping past me at Mach 10 speed.

I looked over to my friend Gene to help, but she was battling the same fight at the jeans sales rack.  Women were trying to reach over and under her so they could have first dibs on the savings.

I decided it wasn't worth the increased heart rate, so I turned to Gene and said loudly, "These women are driving me nuts!  Let's get out of here before I kill someone."

So to anyone who ever shops the day after Thanksgiving, how do you do it??

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ask and you shall receive

In my opinion, most women could best be described as "passive aggressive."  We get mad at people or situations around us, but we never have enough guts to say anything.  This is particularly true at restaurants.  Even if the food comes out cold, or the server basically forgets about us and gives us terrible service, we never say anything.

However, there are times when you just can't take it anymore.  Last night at dinner, there were about 10 of us celebrating Whitney's birthday.  I'll be honest, the service wasn't great.  It started when I said to the server, "Would it be too much of a pain to get separate checks?"  She said yes and walked away.  It culminated with us being asked to leave because they needed the table for other people.  3 girls were still eating at this point.

As we were leaving, I told the manager, "Seriously, that was terrible service and we won't be back."  Fast forward through about a 10 minute conversation that involved some shouting from a few of us, and pretty soon we were getting VIP treatment, free drinks, free shots...even desserts with fire crackers shooting flames from them.  It was fantastic.

So to you Keagan, the manager at Bull and Bear--you were amazing and you truly understand customer service.  I will be back.

To you all my passive-aggressive ladies--it truly pays to stick up for yourself.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finding someone to give the wedding toast: check!

The search is over, I've found someone to speak at our wedding and give a brilliant toast.  A man who will win the hearts of the audience and assure Mike and me that we did the right thing by taking the big leap.

I met this man at Jake Melnick's last night.  I went for drinks with two girlfriends, Whitney and Gene, who are in town from Indianapolis for Whitney's b-day.  The middle-aged man, obviously with a few drinks in his belly, had the liquid courage to approach us and buy us drinks. 

He asked how old Whitney is turning.  She said 26.  Here's his first inspirational speech...."Well, enjoys it!  Because (burp), before yous know it, you'll wakes up one daaayyyy and you'll be 45 with gray hairse."

Then he asked if any of us were married.  I said I was engaged.  Drum roll are his next words of encouragement.  "Me and my buddies overs there, we're all married.  Mosts of us (burp) either wants a divorse, are divorshed, or want to kill our wives."

What do you think?  Won't that make a lovely toast?  See you in July!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, folks, I made it!

Well, I've just about made it through my first week of work.  Phew!  I'm sure no one is going to feel sorry for me, but getting back into the grind after being out of work for 5 months is exhausting.  I'm eating lunch at my desk right now because I'm truly too tired to even walk next door to eat with my co-workers.  Plus that would require small talk that I'm just not into right now.

The first week of a new job is tough.  You're trying to prove yourself to your bosses who so graciously hired you, and at the same time, you're trying to learn an entirely new system or career.  I thought about this the other night: I spent 5 years in college learning about broadcasting, and now I'm trying to learn a totally different career in 5 days.  That's how long I trained for, and now this afternoon I'll get started!

One of the things I'm getting used to about working in Chicago is there are no offices, instead we're jammed into a huge room with desks right next to each other.  My boss sits about 3 feet away from me.  Literally, if I sneeze, she's getting some Jeannie DNA.  The good part of that?  She's right there if I have questions.  The bad part?  If (and when) I screw up, she's right there to hear.  Considering most of my job is doing research and interviews on the phone, she'll hear every stutter and stammer that comes out of my mouth.  But I guess she'll also hear my charming personality at work!

I'd like to close this post with a message to Mike:  I'm sorry I've been stressed about work and, therefore, been a hot witch at home.  You're right, me yelling and getting stressed because "There are too many damn restaurants in this city, and I can't decide where I want to make a reservation!" really isn't a big deal in the scheme of things.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Have you ever seem someone quit a job after 2 days? I have!

Today was day three on the new job, and it's going really well!  The people I work with are super friendly and helpful.   It's a lot of information to take in, but my bosses keep reiterating that they'll be there every step of the way to help.

There are six of us "newbies" going through training to become Conference Producers.  That means we'll organize and research 8-10 business conferences a year. 

Here's the weird thing.  There were six of us training, but one guy bailed out yesterday.  Seriously bailed.  We were getting ready to leave for lunch, and I saw him exit the conference room quickly.  I thought maybe he just really had to go to the bathroom.  So we waited for about 10 minutes for him to return, but he didn't.  Finally, one of the higher-ups came in, and said to go ahead and go to lunch without him.

Come to find out, this man I'll call "Wishy Washy", had another job (or potential job) lined up, and he decided to take that one instead.  So now, this company needs to hire someone else, and put them through training after all of us have already gone through it. 

So to you "Wishy Washy", I have a few things to say to you:
--Um, did you know we're in a recession and jobs are like, hard to come by?
--Did you know you can find out about a job when you're interviewing for it, and if you're not interested, you don't accept it?
--Did you know that bosses in Corporate America talk, and now you're on the "shit list?"
--Did you know there are PLENTY of other people who would gladly like your job?

Sheesh!  These fresh college grads seem to think they'll have no problem finding jobs, and take things for granted.  I'm here to tell them you can have a Bachelor's Degree and experience, but sometimes, it's just not enough.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conan O'Brien deserves better than this

Have you heard about this (for lack of a better word) crap that's going on with Conan O'Brien and the Tonight Show?  The network is threatening to move him to the 12:05 p.m. time slot and move Jay Leno back to 11:35 p.m. after several months of failing in primetime.

So let me get this straight NBC.  You're moving one of the funniest men I know to a later time slot, and let's face it, when everyone is already asleep, because Jay Leno is flopping in the ratings?  It's so bad, NBC affiliates are threatening to drop Leno because his terrible ratings are creating a domino affect hurting newscasts.

This is exactly why the networks and television stations around this country are going bankrupt and cutting jobs left and right.  They make stupid decisions.  Their decision makers are mostly middle-aged white men who don't know want people in the real world want.  In their nice offices, cars, and homes, they remain out-of-touch.

Conan wrote a statement today saying he won't accept this move.  In his true humorous fashion, he ended the statement by saying, "Have a great day and, for the record, I am truly sorry about my hair; it's always been that way."

My prediction is another network with scoop him up right away, and that network will laugh all the way to the bank.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's like the first day of school

My outfit is ironed, my lunch is made, and my stomach is in knots.  Yes, my friends, it's the first day at my new job!  After five unsettling, yet blissful months of unemployment, I am going back to the grind.  My employer is already impressing me, because I only have to work 1/2 day today.  That's a nice way to ease into it.

I have to admit I had a mini panic attack last night wondering when am I going to go the grocery store now?  At 5 p.m. when it's busier than Disneyland?  When do I work out?  Again, when it's so busy every machine is taken.  When do I get my eyebrows waxed?  Oh my god, these things are soooooo much easier to do when you're not working!

This is the first time in my professional career that I'm working 8-5 with the rest of the world, so I've got to get a schedule going of when I'll be able to get things done.  But since the trade off is that I no longer have to get up at 1:30 a.m., I'll take it.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's always one....

We live in a dog community, on a dog floor, with dogs everywhere you turn.  Everyone on our floor has at least one dog.  There are so many dogs, there are actually several dog floors in this building.  When you get on an elevator, there's almost always a dog.

So you get my point?  The people around here love their canine companions.

Tonight Mike and I came home from watching Avatar (which is totally amazing by the way!), to find this typed note in our door....

"If possible, can you please move your dog(s) away from the door to prevent them from barking at every person that goes in and out of the elevators.

It would be greatly appreciated by I assume most on this floor.  The next step is to bring management's attention to the barking."


I'll be the first to admit my dogs aren't angels.  But considering I've been unemployed and at home everyday since we moved in 3 months ago, I know how they act, and this is completely insane!  They seldom bark at anything because they're too busy sleeping.

There is a huge gap of space between our door and the ground, and during cold days, you can feel the wind whip underneath the door.  You can also see the shadows of people walking by, and the paws of dogs following behind.  Considering that, the dogs do amazingly well.  There is, however, one dog owner who lets their dog come up to our door and pause, and that dog smells Bailey and Buckeye.  They are practically nose-to-nose.  When this happens, yes, the dogs bark.  But they quickly stop once the dog goes away.

So I'm presuming that Mister "Smell Under the Door's Mother" is the one who typed this nasty note.  I know it's a woman because let's face it; men don't waste their time with trivial crap like this.

So to you fellow neighbor: Chill out!  You live on a dog floor, in a dog community, with at least one dog of your own.  If my dogs didn't occasionally bark when you walked down the hall, then I'd presume they were blind, deaf, and at least 15 years old.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Watch out!

If you live anyway other than California, your weather has certainly been cold lately.  The AP reports there are frozen iguanas falling out of the trees in Florida.  Wowsers!

Here in Chicago, we don't have falling iguanas, but lots of falling ice.  Every building in the city posts these signs presumably so they can't be sued if someone is pelted with a huge block of ice.

Here's the problem.  How do you watch for falling ice?  Do you walk staring straight up into the sky to see if there's something falling from 52 floors up?  Impossible because everyone is too busy making sure they don't get splashed with dirty snow by a cabbie, or run into by a European walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk.

But I actually have a huge fear of getting hit by something falling from a building.  This fear was increased when a girlfriend told me the wind blew her glass top table over the balcony of her 41st floor apartment.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  But I look at other balconies and see that people keep everything on them.  Decorations, chairs, kids toys, tables and candles.  So there's a good chance I'll never get robbed or hit by a cab, but it might all end with a Mr. Potato Head falling from the 50th floor. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh, the fun of planning a wedding

I realize now there are two very different stages in an engagement.  There's the beginning where everyone squeals when they find out you got engaged, and immediately want to see your ring.  That's the fun stage.
Then there's the wedding planning where people's true colors come out.  And it's not pretty.

Several years ago I was working in Fort Myers, and barely making enough money to pay rent.  My girlfriend Jill called me and asked me to be a bridesmaid in her Lander, Wyoming wedding.  I was so touched.  Mike and I had just started dating, but I wanted him to come.  Because Lander is not easy to get to, it cost about $1000 for plane fares and we had to make three connections.  Then we rented a car to drive from Casper to Lander for a couple hundred dollars.  The gift was another couple hundred, and my dress was about $200 as well.  All in all I spent about $2,000 I didn't have.  But it was so much fun, and I never once complained to Jill about the expense.

Fast forward to our Jackson Hole wedding.  Most of our guests and family members say they will gladly come, and tell me they can't wait to see that part of Wyoming.  BUT then there's a few more who constantly complain about how expensive it is.  And how hard it is to get to.  And they don't like that we're not doing everything traditionally.  For example, when we told one family member we aren't having a cake, (Mike would rather eat his own sock than cake) that family member looked as if we were taking away his birthday.  Mike told him if you leave our beautiful Jackson, Wyoming wedding after eating all the delicious food and drinking all the FREE liquor you want, while dancing the night away at the base of this mountain (see picture), and you go home and tell people it was awful because there was no cake, we clearly haven't done our jobs.

So if you're planning a wedding anytime soon, just remember, everyone will have an opinion.  My best advice?  Grab a glass of wine, and just smile when they complain.  Don't say anything, just smile.  All the while hoping they are the ones who choose not to come.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You paid what?

Lately, I've been embarrassed if Bailey licks one of neighbors in the elevator because her breathe is truly horrible.  So bad even Buckeye seems offended when she yawns.
So I took her to the vet today to get a deep-down dental cleaning.  Oh, the things we do for our pets.  Take a look at the damage.
--$469.25 for the cleaning (that's with a 10% discount given every January)
--$42.88 for medicine because she apparently has an elevated liver enzyme (Are they making this up?)
--$46 dollars for parking, and another $12 to park for 10 minutes just to pick her up (Parking in a city is oh-so-fun)
--Fresh Chihuahua breath=priceless
I guess the good news is that she isn't going to college or prom.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm not even tired of him yet!

Today Mike and I have been together for exactly 6 years.  It was January 4, 2004, that he called and asked me out.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was at home, doing Pilates on the living room floor, when my phone rang.  I was shocked when I saw it was him calling, because I didn't think he was interested.  Mike tells me now that was part of his "game."

We went to Bahama Breeze in Fort Myers, Florida and the rest is history.  Now in 6 months, we'll be married.
How did I know he was the one?  Let's take a look back....
  • First, Mike picked me up for the date.  Doesn't sound that impressive?  I've dated guys who either didn't have cars or a driver's license.  This was a major plus.
  • Secondly, he opened the car door for me.  I once had to crawl through a window to get in, because my date's car door was broken.  Not easy to do in a skirt.
  • Third, we ordered a pizza to share and he told me his favorite topping is mushrooms.  I agree!  Some women look for men who have dark hair and light eyes.  I just look for a mushroom-lover.
  • Fourth, when he dropped me off, Bailey took to him right away.  I once dated a guy that she growled at every time she saw him.  She's smart.
  • Finally, when I asked Mike was his parents did for a living he said his dad is a lawyer and his mom is a teacher.  Mine are too!  Having successful parents has made him a hard-working person.  Definitely a step up from a guy I once dated who wanted to be a "Sports Bookie"!  
I still can't believe I'm marrying the man of my dreams.  I am truly lucky, and I've known that for 6 years.  I love you honey and I can't wait to be your wife!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Really? You have nothing better to do with your time?

I'm not going to lie, I love to waste time. Drinking a cup of coffee takes me at least an hour on the couch. My stepdad says my mom and I are the best "dinkers" in the world. We can dink around and waste time with the best of 'em.

But here's something I don't understand. On Facebook, you can play imaginary games, and the results show up on your Facebook page. Like today, I'm reading a friend's recent activity, and it says "Jerry" (I'm changing names to protect the identities of dinkers), "Has pulled off the impossible at Cafe World! They said it was impossible, but Jerry wouldn't relent and made an Impossible Quiche!"
It goes on to say Jerry would like to share that quiche with some of his friends. Really?? Am I supposed to send Jerry a message like, "Ooh, Jerry, great job! Your quiche was delicious!"

Another post said "Bob" is feeling Hot, Hot, Hot in Cafe World! He fired up the stove, and made Fiery Fish Tacos. And again, he'd like his friends to have a taste.
Again, am I supposed to say, "Thanks Bob, I didn't know Fiery Fish Tacos could be so tasty on a Sunday morning!"

I recently e-mailed a friend a long e-mail, asking her advice on my career. She didn't get back to me, but later that day it said on her Facebook page that she found a lonely cow on her farm. Seriously?? The cow is more important than career crisis?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year everybody!

Happy New Year everybody! Everyone I talk to seems to be optimistic about 2010. We all feel like this is the year things will get better.
As I mentioned in a previous blog, I lost two jobs in 2009, but the fact that I'm starting off 2010 employed is a great feeling!

My New Year's resolution is to be more patient in the new year. There's no doubt about it, living in a city tests your nerves. People are always in the way. There is always someone who is going to drive or walk slower than you. But is it really worth it to get bent out of shape? To the cab driver who lays on the horn for a solid minute when someone cuts you off: Do you really feel better afterwards? Maybe that person simply didn't see you, and isn't trying to be obnoxious.

Today at the grocery store, there was a line about 5 people deep to pick up meat products. The old Jeannie would have turned to Mike and said just loud enough, "This is the worst!"
The new Jeannie just waited patiently, because who says my meat-buying is any more important than anyone else's?

So let's all try and be more patient in 2010! Trust me, you'll feel a lot better.