It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life If Michael Bay Directed It....

Bumble Bee
About a year ago, I told you about all the excitement here as Michael Bay and crew filmed "Transformers 3" in Chicago. What made it even cooler was that many of the scenes were filmed in our neighborhood, in fact, some where right outside our high-rise windows. (Read those blogs here.) It was fun walking to coffee and seeing Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee right outside our building.

Finally last night, I got to see the movie and I thought it was really good! It was tough seeing Chicago getting blown up and destroyed, but a nice mixture of Patrick, Josh, Shia and Tyrese helped comfort me through. (I just can't decide who's the dreamiest!)

The thing about Michael Bay films is that they are a little predictable and have a certain amount of cheesiness, but I can't help it, I lap it up like a kitten with milk. Here's the thing--I think life would be SO much cooler if Michael Bay directed it. Think about it...

For example, we'd all walk in slow motion to a romantic song, and just when we thought our loved one was lost forever, the crowds would part and there they'd be. We'd run to each other, (again in slow motion) we'd embrace, and then the man would pick up the woman and twirl us around. We'd finish with a nice aerial shot from a helicopter showing everyone around us.

Also, every scene of our lives would either be a beautiful sunrise or sunset. And just to get perspective, we'd throw in some nice shots of Africa, India or Japan.

When times get tough, we'd have a nice montage with symphony music, showing us preparing for the fight. Tough day at work? Just throw a rifle on your back, and stare longingly out the window. Never fear...because you're a WINNER!

Worried about that bad hair day? With Michael Bay directing, you'll never have to again because you'll be a hot actress or model. And don't worry, even if you have to fight off autobots, you'll never even have a scratch on your face.

Frustrated with all the political wrangling in D.C.? I'd say it's time to get NASA involved and have some shots of low-flying helicopters, because people in low-flying helicopters know how to get stuff done!

Seriously though...I really enjoyed the movie and I made a decision about my own life. Mike and I need a montage of our love. You know--show the tough times (him not putting the dishes in the dishwasher)....but then showing him save the world, therefore I forgive the dishes in the sink. Won't that be cool?

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