It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to waste time

In the game of procrastination, I am a winner. All you Facebook-using, Pinterest-enjoying, Words With Friends-relishing people have nothin' on me. Because I bet there isn't a one of ya that can say one minute ago, you were watching this...

Yep, that's the body high-five known as Milli Vanilli's "Girl you know it's true" video. (Which you really should watch. The "acting" at the beginning is enough to make even the least talented feel special).

Why did I watch this blast from the past, you ask? Well, because it's finals week in grad school and I have a ton to do, so what makes more sense than watching two men lip sync really terrible music? (Oh, and I also watched "Blame it on the Rain).

In the past few days, if I'm not watching 80's music videos, you can be sure I'm looking at Facebook for hours. Yep, I think I've looked through about a dozen people's photo albums in the past few days. No one I really know either, just randoms. I've also searched online for dog beds to order, picked out a new face cream and watched a former co-worker's video of his puppies playing in packing material.

It's a sickness.

What is it about being totally overwhelmed that makes us do everything else instead of the task at hand? I could have finished this project days ago, but instead I'm making myself suffer. It's almost like I enjoy the stress and have to stay up all night in order to feel like a real college student.

Okay, I'm serious now. With everything I have in my soul, I'm refusing to login to Facebook ever again (for the next hour anyway). No one post pictures of your wedding/new baby/puppy/delicious food you're eating, okay? I can't handle the temptation!!

I guess I should just blame it on the rain....

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