It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time Magazine cover of breastfeeding mom-when should he be cut off?

I'm sure by now all of you have seen the Time magazine cover of a mom breastfeeding her surprisingly large 3-year old son with the headline "Are You Mom Enough?" The photo is about attachment parenting which is about how to keep your kid attached to you at all times, which sometimes requires a wooden chair. (Or something like that).

Of course, this photo has angered a lot of people and was a topic in my photojournalism class this week when our guest lecturer (a photo editor at the Tribune) asked if we thought this photo went too far.

Me being the smart aleck I am had two thoughts: One, this kid is HUGE for a 3-year old, which clearly shows milk does the body good. And two, I immediately thought this would make a great blog.

So here it top 5 list of "When it may be "Time" to cut off your child...

1) You realize you may have breastfed too long when your child becomes so good at getting your bra off, he can do it one-handed like Zac Efron in The Lucky One.

2) You realize you may have breastfed too long when your child says to you, "I got a fever, and the only prescription is a little more boob." (Sorry, too cheesy?)

3) You realize you may have breastfed too long when your son says, "Hey Ma. How many times do I gots to tell you, I prefer yours red bras over de white ones." (Is anyone else picturing a little Guido here?)

4) You realize you may have breastfed too long when you child can walk over to you, sit down, lift up your shirt and ask about day.

5) You realize you may have breastfed too long when your child's friends are over and one complains about being thirsty, so your kid offers up "mom's free milk."


  1. 6) You realize you may have breastfed too long when, while breastfeeding, your son pauses, looks up at you, and says "Mom, I like yours a whole lot better than Jimmy's mom's."

    (I know, I know... I worked WAY too long in broadcasting!)

    Seriously, though... Every child is unique, and what may be too long for one might not be enough for another. I have heard of breast-fed children (both genders) that weren't really hungry -- they just wanted the closeness of their mothers.

    When it's time to stop breastfeeding is a tough call to make -- and I don't think I'm qualified to make that decision, especially for a mother and child that I know nothing about.

    Tom Stockton

  2. the picture is looks like; somebody just turned on the bedroom light ! ..cause the expression on the kids face says.." WHat ?? this?'s not what you think this is !!" "this is NOTHING !!!"....what's up with the cargo shorts?? ...was mom rushing in a "feeding" befor dropping of junior at tonight's OZZY -fest concert????? The kid looks like he has No-choice in the matter, and is just just weird.