It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, November 19, 2012

New York City Apartments- Take Three

Enjoying NYC this weekend
Another New York City work day is coming to a close and people are busy scurrying home on the sidewalks, buses and subways. From our temporary apartment near Times Square, I can hear horns honking and people yelling. It's just another Monday.

But for us, it's another frustrating day of still not having a New York City apartment. We were supposed to have an answer on Friday on whether or not our application on a West Side apartment was accepted, but in New York landlord time, that apparently means you'll find out next Tuesday, if "yous is lucky."

From my previous two posts, you know how unbelievably challenging it is to find an apartment in the city. For the most recent application, we paid a $220 non-refundable deposit, turned in copies of our bank statements, tax records, letters of employment and more. Since then, we've also found a co-signer who's willing to show that he/she makes a healthy 6-figure sum and has another healthy 6-figures in liquid assets (beer doesn't count, unfortunately). We've also jumped every time they've asked for more paperwork, bank statements or a better explanation of our jobs (apparently just "being awesome" isn't enough).

And yet, nothing.

I know what you're thinking. You're wondering if it's because we're applying for apartments outside of our price range. Nope. In New York City, there is a strict equation you do where you add up your salaries and then divide by 40. That's how much you can pay. In fact, for two apartments we've put deposits down on, we went lower by about $500. (More money for shoes, of course.) I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that living in Manhattan is an exclusive club and we haven't yet been granted membership.

I have to say one enjoyable part of this experience is reading your comments to my apartment blog posts. Here are a few of my faves...with my reaction, of course...

"There's no crying in New York, so put your big-girl pants on."
Me: Um, have you seen The Real Housewives of New York? The fact that I've only cried once in three weeks is pretty darn good. And it wasn't because Ramona snubbed me.

"You can't afford the Upper West Side, you should try Brooklyn."
Me: We could afford the Upper West Side...until we paid $510 for deposits, $20 for a salad at Applebee's and $7 for Frosted Flakes.

"Do you write this blog to make your mother-in-law drink?
Me: Yes.

"You were overwhelmed by Chicago, so what makes you think you can handle New York?
Me: Well, luckily it's 5 p.m. an hour sooner here, so I can drink earlier. Plus, if I'm feeling overwhelmed, I can just give people the middle finger or tell them to F-off. Those are both accepted here.

"Hipster Chihuahuas blogging about their mom getting it together in Williamsburg [Brooklyn] might have potential."
Me: Love it! Can I charge them rent then?

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  1. Please, don't spare your captivated readers, the Finder's Fee $$$ for Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma....

  2. Now a days, there are several apartments available in New York city that comes with amazing designs and impressive facilities. People can take an apartment on rent in New York in affordable rates. Thanks for sharing this great article.

  3. Hi Jeannie! You'll find something great. Finding housing in New York is always a disaster, but now once you find it, you'll have Real New York Stories. ;)


  4. "Luxury feels better earned."

  5. You crack me up. Let's wine-skype date soon. OK!

  6. Hi Jeannie!! have 2 ideas correct....yes; Manhatten is a club, and there's NO ROOM at the Inn....please try brooklyn.
    (2) Being "awesome" and $3.25 will get you coffee at Starbucks....but NOT an apartment on "the island"....if you can't afford to throw a hundred dollor bill out the window every morning. You need to think about other options.
    Have an "awesome" day....
    Keep that finger in