It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

We aren't vaccinating our baby. Here's why...

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate...that is the question. It's certainly a topic that has parents heated on both sides. As the mother to an adorable, smiley and super fun 9-month old son, I can tell you that I only want what's best for him. And for me, that choice is to not vaccinate. Before you criticize, take a look at my top reasons why:

  • We live in New York City. A city of 8 million people-- the densest city in America with 27,000 people per square mile. Why should our son be the one to get vaccinated? There are 7,999,999 other people who should. Not our son, no way.
  • To that point, we have decided it's probably not safe to take him on the subway. Or the bus. Or a ferry. Or the playground. Luckily for us, he can't get into daycare since he's unvaccinated or see his pediatrician because she only sees vaccinated kids, so we're going to just keep him in a nice and protected bubble in our apartment. He will co-sleep and breastfeed until he's 10-- and I'm sure he'll be a totally well-adjusted adult.
  • We have chosen not to vaccinate our son just like we've chosen not to put him in a car seat. Nope, it's laps all the way for us. Nor will he wear a seat belt or sit in a booster seat. If at anytime he has an open bleeding wound, we will not take him to the doctor. We have opted for the parenting philosophies called "We don't want no sissies" and "We don't give in to societal pressure."
  • We have decided not to vaccinate because that one UK doctor and Jenny McCarthy bring up some super valid points. True, Jenny McCarthy posed in Playboy and that doctor had his medical license revoked, and yes he was found guilty of "serious professional misconduct," and yes his study was discredited, and yes he only studied 12 kids, but that's some scary shit. Fear over fact, every time. 
  • We have decided not to vaccinate because it's not like these diseases even exist anymore. I hear that measles outbreak at Disneyland was just the liberal media trying to scare us. (Or wait, was it conservative lawmakers?) Either way, I'm not buying it. Oh and I love how they try to convince us that the disease has a 90% transmission rate among people who are not immunized. #Lies #Liberalagenda 
  • We have chosen not to vaccinate because autism is at an all-time high. So is our population, pollution and use of pesticides, but remember, Dr. Wakefield said it was vaccines. So I believe him because he has had an MD at the end of his name. 
  • And finally...we have decided not to vaccinate our kid...because, get real. Of course we're vaccinating him! When I look at Jack and hear his adorable laughter and see his sweet smile with just two bottom teeth, I know without a moment's hesitation that I would jump in front of a speeding train for him. I would take a bullet. I would fight off a grizzly bear. And despite my fears about him going out into this great, big, unforgiving world, I know that I'm doing everything I can as a mother to keep him safe and protected. And a major part of that is getting him vaccinated. 
Parents-- I know it's scary. I know the dark thoughts that keep us up at night, the visions of something bad happening, being worried nearly sick over our children. But I promise you, getting them the protection they need against highly contagious viruses and diseases in this huge, highly-mobile world, is the best decision you can make.

Now, should I take away the matches and knives he's playing with? 

P.S.- No need to post comments trying to sway me not to vaccinate. It will NEVER happen.

P.P.S- If you don't vaccinate your kids and we're friends or neighbors, let me know, because we will avoid you like the plague (just like the one you're trying to bring back). 

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