It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

New York City celebrity sighting

My plan to pay more attention in New York City for possible celebrity sightings is working!

In my last blog, I told you how I almost missed seeing Whoppi Goldberg at brunch and I did miss seeing comedian Rob Riggle sitting right next to me because I had become like so many other New Yorkers: I was no longer making eye contact and I was busy in my own world. I realized that although this may have been keeping me from getting mugged, it wasn't helping my celebrity stalking.

So I vowed to myself I would start looking at people, right in the face, no matter how uncomfortable or foreign it felt. It starting working immediately. The next day at the gym, I saw a white-haired man in the corner of my eye who looked just like Steve Martin. I whipped my head around and did a double take. Sadly, it wasn't Steve Martin, but it was a 70's-ish man who thought I was checking him out and gave me a sly smile. Whoops! Oh well, at least I made his day.

And then on Sunday, I went grocery shopping with my mom at a local market on the Upper West Side that has beautiful flowers and fresh fruit. As we were checking out, I noticed the gentleman next to us looked very familiar. I quickly realized it was Jacques from Real Housewives of New York City. You know, the one dating the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps.

My mom and I finished and went outside when I told her, "Wait, there's a celebrity in there and I want to get my picture with him!" Although my mom thought I should leave him alone since it was a weekend and he was running errands, I thought it doesn't hurt to ask. I instructed her to take off her gloves and get ready to take the pic if he agreed.

He came out of the store and I said, "Jacques?"

"Yes?" He looked at me with a quizzical look, as if trying to figure out where we had met.

I told him even though I didn't want to bother him, I'd love it if he took a photo with me. He agreed! He then rubbed his hand over his stubble and said, "I hope I look alright!" I affirmed he did.

Jacques then asked if the picture was okay before getting on his bicycle and riding away. Later I Googled him and realized his net worth is estimated at $10 million. Isn't that cute that a millionaire rides a bike in NYC?

So hey, it's not like I ran into Robert DeNiro, but for a reality TV junkie like me, it was pretty darn exciting. Next goal: to have a glass of Pinot Grigio with Ramona Singer.

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  1. Not same guy....just a random stranger....he looks like Nick Cage's retarded brother...stalking fail...Jeannie, please stop doing