It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why are New Yorkers so rude?

If there were hidden cameras capturing my every move a year ago or so, you would have seen me telling a girlfriend something like this....

"I would never live in New York. The people seem so rude there."

How did I know this? Well, there was the ONE time I had visited in 2009, and everyone was super rude. Well, that's not entirely accurate. It was really only actor Anthony Michael Hall, who told my girlfriends and me that he was NOT willing to take a photo with us because he hadn't shaved that day. Yeah, whatever.

Hot Chocolate = Nice New Yorker
Other than that, I actually remember super friendly people, including a woman who stopped me on the street to ask who made my dress, because she thought it would be cute for her bridesmaids. And then there was the very sweet bum, "Hot Chocolate" who danced in a conga line with all of us. (See pic)

Yep, that was the extent of my experience with NYC.

But, it's just common knowledge, right? If you asked anyone across the country to describe New Yorkers in one word, I'm guessing most would say "Rude."

Can I tell you what's happened in the past 1/2 hour to totally squash that?
  1. A man just held a door open for me while giving me a head nod AND a "good morning."
  2. A woman at the bus stop told me it was "nice to meet me" after we bonded while just missing (and running after) the M66 crosstown bus. And when the next bus came, she insisted I get on the bus first. 
Can you believe this rudeness?

Let me just take a stab at what gives New Yorkers this reputation. We move and walk quickly. That's because we likely need to catch this traffic we can catch that catch the next subway so we don't miss the ferry, and well, because of that, we move faster than anyone from say, oh I don't know, Akron, Ohio.

So, here's your mission. Stop badmouthing New Yorkers, or else "you's are gonna find yourselves sleeping with dem fishes."

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