It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bernadette Peters New York City

Well, that sure was fun.

The Thursday before last, I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi. I usually do my own nails to save money, so this was a first in New York City. I Googled places in our 'hood and decided on Polished Beauty Bar at 78th and Broadway.

A few minutes after I arrived, another woman came in and stood right next to me. I couldn't see her face because she was shorter than me, had on a cute beret and was looking down to check her cell phone. Shortly after that, the nail tech told us both to go over to the pedi stations so we could soak our feet. As I waited for the woman to take off her cute boots, I looked up and noticed that she was none other than...are you sitting down? Bernadette Peters! I recognized her immediately and gave her a smile.

So there I was, sitting right next to an amazingly talented movie, TV and Broadway actress. What's a girl to do? The obvious 2013 answer is post it to Facebook.
Shortly after my Facebook post, I got a ping on my cell phone. The text was from a former co-worker who told me that one of our other co-workers used to date Bernadette. WHAT??? I replied that she had to be kidding, but nope, she replied back that indeed they dated and I just HAD to ask Ms. Peters about him.

Alright, why the heck not?

Relying on skills learned during my Interpersonal Communications class during my junior year of college, I observed the subject. She was making small talk with the nail tech, so she was obviously friendly and open to conversation. And she was done checking her text messages, so it was the perfect time. With my heart racing, I turned and said...

Me: "Um, excuse me. Can I ask you a really odd question?"

Bernadette: "Sure."

Me: "Do you know who John Doe* is?" (* Names have been changed to protect former co-workers.)

Bernadette: "What's the last name?"

Me: "Doe."

Bernadette: "Hmm, I don't think so. Where does he live?"

I explained to Bernadette that he lives in Fort Myers, Florida, but he used to live in Cincinnati, and maybe he lived in NYC too. As I was talking, I could see there wasn't the faintest bit of recognition. 

My first thought was man, I feel so bad for John. He's not at all memorable to Bernadette!

I explained to Ms. Peters that I must have been mistaken and then I sit back in my chair and decide to leave her alone.

But then, Bernadette asked me if I used to live in Fort Myers. She wanted to me!!! She also asked about what I was doing in New York, about my husband's job, what my name is and even asked what nationality that is. We literally spent the next hour gabbing! She then totally gave me the inside scoop on all the best places to eat in NYC and about her upcoming performance on the TV show Smash. We were besties for the day.

It was the Coolest. Day. Ever.

As we were wrapping up our mani's (side by side of course) my heart started pounding because I wanted to ask her for a picture. I again observed my surroundings and decided that since we were the only two in the salon, I wouldn't create a frenzy of fans also wanting to get pics. So, I said...

"I want to ask you something, but please don't hesitate to say no if you don't want. But I would be mad at myself if I didn't ask. Can I get a picture with you?"

Bernadette: "Sure, why not? You can show our afternoon of girls gone wild." She then laughed.

Love that. We took a picture and it came out blurly, so Ms. Peters agreed to take another. 

We wrapped up at the drying stations and I did what any starving writer does. I handed her my business card and told her to check out this blog. Ha! Maybe she's reading this now??

Oh and by the way--I found out later the story about Bernadette and my former co-worker is just a rumor that has been circulating throughout the Fort Myers newsroom for about 12 years. But hey, it got me an afternoon with an award-winning actress. Not too shabby.

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