It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Empty store shelves

When my husband and I worked as extras in the TV show "Chicago Fire" a couple of summers ago, we pulled an all-nighter, so the crew ordered us pizza around 2 a.m. As we stood in line, we saw person after person grab 5, 6, 7, even 8 pieces of pizza, so by the time we got to the front, there was nothing left except for a few abandoned mushrooms or chunks of cheese. With mouths watering, we watched as all those people ate 2-3 pieces max, and then trashed the rest. Some even complained about how full they were. I told my husband that if the world was ever coming to an end, we were screwed, because clearly people hoard and only look after themselves in a time of crisis.

Flash forward to the winter of 2014.

This week, I've seen photo after photo from grocery stores in Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis and many other cities that are experiencing brutal winter conditions, and I'm instantly reminded of that night. It's clear that when the snow is coming, people think they need 8 pieces of pizza when they probably only need 3.  

So let's break this down. When bad weather is approaching, people always go for milk, bread and eggs. I wonder how these three items became must haves. It's like if the weather dips below -10 below, we just can't live without our morning cereal or french toast? I wonder how many of these people stocked up on bread when normally they don't do carbs.

Let's take a closer look at the empty dairy aisle. What this means is that people not only stocked up on milk, but they just HAD to have whip cream, half and half, coffee creamer, Velveeta and cream cheese?

And in the egg aisle, if they eggs were gone, they were like, "Screw it. I'll get egg beaters. This
will get me through the storm."

And in the bread aisle, if the white and wheat were gone, they made due with english muffins and onion bagels.

The sad reality is, I wonder how much of this stuff is going to end up in the garbage by the end of the week?

The next time Hercules or Zeus or some other Greek storm is bearing down on us, let's try to
remember what really matters. Like not losing power so we don't miss a minute of the Bachelor.

(Photos courtesy: Charley Hofsteadter/Chicago)


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