It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bloodied and bruised

I did something this weekend I never want to do again.  I did something that left me scarred...literally and figuratively.  I did something that left me bruised and battered.  I walked 2.06 miles in 3-inch high heels.

My girlfriend Holly was in Chicago this weekend, so on Friday night we decided to get dolled up and put on our best high heels.  We walked to dinner at Friends Sushi restaurant at Rush and Superior.  (Side note: This is hands down the best Sushi in Chicago.  The "Friends" roll will make you cry happy tears.  I'm pretty sure it could unite the Shiites and Sunnis.)

I've realized for the past year, I've gone from wearing high-heels to only wearing flat boots, winter boots, tennis shoes and flip flops.  That's it.  I want a comfortable shoe I can easily walk 2-6 miles a day in.  I also want to be able to pass tourists left and right, and be able to run when my crosswalk gives me the "3-seconds left" message.  Sure, Carrie and the gang looked smokin' hot when they wore Manolo's around NYC, but that's not practically AT All.  On any given day I have to walk over uneven sidewalks, cigarette butts, vomit, dog pee and homeless man I'm not wearing $400 high heels.

So I've realized while I enjoy having on the cutest tops and designer jeans, my shoes will be remain ugly and practical, and I'm okay with that.

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  1. This is why I keep flip flops in my purse on big nights out. Gotta have the back up plan.