It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why do I keep missing the excitement?

Our neighborhood was once again the hot spot for filming "Transformers 3." If you're a regular blog follower, you know they were shooting scenes for the movie a couple of weeks ago in our 'hood. Mike and I were super excited...but we missed the whole thing. We apparently slept through the helicopter/parachuting scene in the park right outside our window. Oops!

On Thursday, Michael Bay brought the crew back to our
neighborhood to shoot more scenes. Up until a few years ago, this area was a golf course, hence why there's so much green space right smack dab in the middle of a city. It's great for our dogs, and apparently stuntmen jumping out of helicopters. Last last week, there was another action packed scene involving parachuters, helicopters, explosions and debris.

What was it like?
According to my neighbors, it was "wicked awesome." But I, of course, missed it. I was too busy buying $10 shirts at H&M on Michigan Avenue. Dang it!

I did have one scary moment though. I was taking pictures of this leftover debris, when I saw the security guard coming towards me. This was our encounter...

Him: "Did you just take a picture?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: "Of what?"
Me: "Um, the debris over there."
Him: "That right there?" (He points to it)
Me: "Yes."
Him: "I'm sorry, I'm going to have to take your film."
Me: "What??"
Him: "I'm sorry, you can't take pictures, I'm going to have to take your film."
Me: "Well, it's not a film camera. Do you want me to delete the pictures?"
Him: "Yes."

I started getting my camera out, and without him even having to tell me why, my apparent fear of authority lead me to nearly delete the pictures. Then he flashed a big smile and said, "Ha, ha. Just f***ing with you!"

He got me good. I thought I had just threatened national security or something, because Michael Bay can cause worldly doom. (Think Armageddon)

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