It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Ever worked in retail?

My closet.  Yes it's color coordinated.
As some of you regular blog followers know, I took a job in retail several months ago to help pay the bills until I become a famous writer.  (However, the clothes are really darling, so I'm not actually sure I've made any money.  But my closet has never been cuter...seriously.)

Anyway, I could tell you a thousand retail stories.  Stories about working in a very busy downtown Chicago location and dealing with theft.  Stories about how many women buy hundreds of dollars of clothes, only to return every single piece the next day.  Stories about size 8 women trying to squeeze into size 2 clothes.  And WTF (What the f***?) moments.  My favorite?  I once saw a woman trying on a skirt...only she wasn't in a dressing room.  She was in the middle of the store.  I guess she didn't want to bother taking the skirt back to the dressing rooms.  It was?  Gross.

Today came a new experience.  As I was ringing a woman up, she asked me to look up her store credit card info because she didn't have it with her.  When I did that, the automated operator told me the woman had a $700 balance.  I let her know, and she said, "Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to give the bill to my husband."
I said, "Oh really?  That must be nice!"
She smiled and said, "Yeah, I shop and he pays the bills.  It works out well."

I'm sure it does lady, I'm sure it does.

Tonight when I told Mike the story, he said, "Well, either the guy is loaded or a real sucker."

Either way, don't you think it's odd for a man to pay all a woman's bills?  I would feel really weird not paying for a thing.  Where's your sense of satisfaction if you don't work for what you have??

Now that being said....Honey, there are a pair of brown over-the-knee boots I'd harm a small child for, and my self worth can totally take a back seat if you buy them for me.

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