It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oops, I did it again!

Oops, I did it again!  I'm talking about moving, and it really never sucks any less.  If you read this blog often, you know that Mike and I moved to Old Town, (just north of the city) so we could have a bigger place and a more neighborhood-y feel.

When you live in a city, you really pare down and only have the basics.  I don't keep old Christmas cards or wedding invitations, because frankly, we don't have the room.  Heck, in our old place, we didn't even have the space for a dining room table.

As I looked around this morning at our hurricane of an apartment, I had to laugh about what not only made the move, but what has also been unpacked.  Take a look..

Our 8 x 10 glossy photo of Indianapolis' favorite news anchor, Dave Barras. (Read all about this pic.)  The wait time to get this treasure is normally 8 years, but thankfully Mike and I moved up the list when we got married, and only had to wait 4 1/2 years.  We bubble wrapped it and made a special trip to our new apartment with only this to make sure it didn't get damaged.  We even blew through red lights so we didn't risk getting car-jacked and having this stolen.  Don't worry Dave, we'll put you in a good place.

I had to laugh when I unpacked these gems.  Yep, you're seeing right, these are New Kids on the Block trading cards.  Even though I was truly in love with Joe from NKOTB in the 5th grade, these cards are actually Mike's. (He was more of a Jordan fan.)  Seriously don't know how these made the cut, but Mike has such few guilty pleasures, I can hardly tell him to ditch these.

I might not be able to find my underwear, but thank god we found our Aerosmith guitar for Wii's guitar hero!  Mike works hard, so in his down time, he likes to play with his Wii.  (Yes I chuckle every time I say that.)

All-in-all, I started counting and realized my 10-year old dog has lived in 10 homes, and my 5-year old dog has lived in 5.  Think it's an exaggeration? Take a look..
1) 2000- Bailey started her life in the Tri-Delta sorority house in Laramie, Wyoming.  (Sorry to my house mom Kathy, because this totally was against the rules.)
2) 2000- My house mom Kathy discovered Bailey, so I got kicked out.  We then moved to a stinky little apartment in Laramie.
3) 2001- I got my first job in TV, so we moved back home to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Somehow making $14,000 a year doesn't really pay for rent (or anything else for that matter.)
4) 2002- I then got a news job in Grand, Junction, Colorado, so we moved to another apartment.  I got paid $565 twice a month, and my rent was $575, so I took a night job as a janitor to make ends meet.  (BTW-cleaning a urinal may be the grossest thing...ever.  Men, how can you have such bad aim?)
5) 2003- I then got a news job in Fort Myers, Florida, so we moved into a cute apartment we could barely afford.  Living in a tropical climate was such a culture shock, and I never got used to finding Gecko's in my closet.
6) 2004- I reported on how interest rates were so low, so I decided to buy a condo in Fort Myers.  Yep, that's all the thought I put into it.  We moved in and shortly after, got Buckeye.  I just started dating Mike, so I made him paint the entire place.  It was a test.  He passed.
7) 2006- I got a job in Indianapolis, so we bought a darling townhome in Fishers, Indiana.
8) 2009- The recession hit, so I lost my Indianapolis job and moved back home to Cheyenne, Wyoming
9) 2009- I decided after 4 1/2 years living apart, Mike and I should live in the same zip code.  I packed up my saddle, and rode on in to Chicago.  We chose to live in a Chicago high-rise downtown.
10) 2010- Now, here we are in Old Town, trying to figure out how to share one closet.  Yikes.  I when I say share, I mean I get it, and he's putting his clothes in the tiny coat closet.

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