It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

We gonna find you!

In my days as a reporter, I certainly interviewed a lot of interesting characters, but there was never an Antoine Dodson. For 90% of you reading this, that name probably conjures up these expressions, "You are so dumb!" or "Hide your kids and hide your wife!"

The Alabama man (who actually grew up in Chicago) became an internet sensation after he was interviewed by a Huntsville, Alabama television station regarding the attempted rape of his sister. His passionate and flamboyant interview looking right at the camera is classic. Watch here. You really can't make this up.

The interview hit Youtube, and pretty soon people in office's across America were watching and sharing it with their co-workers, families and friends. Then the interview got spoofed into a rap and a ring tone which is hilarious! Watch here. (Warning: This song will be in your head ALL day.)
Millions of people have watched the bed intruder rap, in fact, it drew so much attention, Antoine got asked to be on the Today Show, he gained his own Wikipedia page and now has a Facebook fan page. I'm now his 233,785th fan. Can you believe it?? And if you haven't found a Halloween costume yet, never fear! You can be Antoine Dodson.

What I think is a really cool part of this story is according to US Weekly, Antoine used his fame to raise enough money for he and his family to move out of the projects. Good for you Antoine!

For those of you who question how someone can become famous without really doing much, i.e. Paris Hilton, I say that's the great thing about being in America. And I really hope my 15 minutes comes soon, homeboy.

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