It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Observations

Okay Christina Aguilera, I took a lot of flack for you this week defending your national anthem flub, and this is how you repay me? You sing like that at the Grammys?

Do any of you remember when Christina had this beautiful voice, circa "Genie in a Bottle" era? (By the way, that was totally my theme song of 1999. Do you know how many men asked if they could rub me the right way? Ew.) She was a rising star with vocal chords that wouldn't quit.

Now? Her singing is more like a throat gurgling/animal dying/cat in heat in the alley kind of sound. Christina--seeing how low your voice can go and how wide your mouth can open is not cool. Just sing normally. (By the way--did you notice she fell leaving the stage? Poor girl.)

Here are my other Grammy observations:

* Will Smith, I love you. You are the coolest, but your kids? Are perhaps the most annoying little people ever.

* The music business is certainly hot and cold. Wasn't it just last year that Taylor Swift was the belle of the ball, and won like a billion awards? But where was she last night? Next year, we'll all be like, "Bieber who?"

* Speaking of Bieber, yes you're a talented teen, but I'm not sure you deserve to be performing with Usher and getting nominated for Best New Artist. (Also, white tuxes were huge for my high school prom, but you were one year old then. They are? Not so popular anymore.)

* Lady Gaga, really? Being brought in in an egg/womb, wearing plastic buttocks and having horns put on your head? You're 24 years old, so how are you going to top yourself every year? How will you sustain your career? Take it down a notch. (Besides, everything you wear looks SO uncomfortable.)

* Bob Dylan's performance--need I say more?

* Does anyone else find the red carpet coverage just awkward? Maybe it's just me, but I can clearly tell when the reporters are just trying to fill time because they don't have any interviews. Also, I'm a girlie girl--I love hair, make-up, clothes--but I don't care who is wearing what a) because I can't afford it and have no where to wear such a fancy dress and b) even if I could, I wouldn't wear 87% of the hot mess of a dress stars have the guts to show up in. (Sorry Rhianna, I'm talking to you.)

Your thoughts?


  1. oh, but what about Mumford and Sons....absolutely incredible. The only thing I watched with Beth...everything else I was working on the laptop. Run, don't walk to iTunes and get Sigh No More!

  2. You should say more about Bob Dylan's performance. It's ironic that Bob played an acoustic version of Maggie's Farm, the song the shook the world as Bob's first "electric" tune on Bringing It All Back Home. Not many music artists are relevant at age 70, and the old croaker is certainly still that.

  3. I agree on Mumford and Sons. Another GREAT performance was the trio of Norah Jones, Keith Urban, and John Mayer. Let's be honest, Norah Jones has one of the most beautiful voices ever. I don't know what it is about this performance, but I love it so much that I tear up everytime I watch it (maybe because these people ACTUALLY have talent). Check it out again : )