It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Super Bowl Controversy Continues

Apparently people aren't just critical of the Super Bowl halftime show and National Anthem flub, they're also offended by some of the commercials that aired during the game. So offended in fact, two companies have now pulled those ads and issued public apologies.

Today, Chicago based Groupon announced it's pulling its Timothy Hutton/Tibetan commercial which in my opinion, is funny and creative. Take a look...

The company said it was taking what they thought was a funny approach to what their company does, while also hinting at the fact that they are hugely philanthropic. They donate tons of money to groups like Greenpeace and the Tibet fund. But of course, there are people who thought this ad was offensive, and urged the company to pull it. The company gave in.

I've always wondered, who are these people who get so offended? They must be real downers at a party! And further more, how do people have the time to get so upset and protest silly things? I struggle just to get my laundry done.

Another company, HomeAway, is also pulling their "smushed baby" ad...take a look.

Ooh, after watching that I kind of want to throw a baby at a wall. Well, apparently that's what some people think--they believe this ad promotes violence towards children. Seriously people? I'm guessing child abusers are more affected by their drug abuse, their own violence they experienced as a child or their mental health ssues, not after watching a commercial with a toy doll promoting a vacation rental company.

Here's the great thing about America: if you're offended by something, you don't have to watch it. Isn't that great news??

I've got to go now...I'm going to protest the Volkswagen-Star Wars Super Bowl ad. I don't think children should be forced to do commercials. Further more, I don't think he should have been forced to wear a mask. He's probably traumatized....

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