It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Annoying people

Onward and upward. I'm at Denver International Airport right now getting ready to head back to Chicago after being in Wyoming this past week for my grandmother's funeral. The service was very touching, and it was nice to see all my family again. It will be good to get back home though, and I'm really looking forward to some Chihuahua kisses.

As I went through airport security today, I had a very annoying man behind me in line. What's with people who want to chat with everyone they encounter? In the 5-10 minutes we stood next to each other he informed me that my left Ugg Boot was folded over and then asked where I was heading to. He then said "sorry" because he hates Chicago, but he does love a BBQ restaurant in Barrington. He knows this because he used to have family in Barrington, but they now live in California. He commented on my Ziploc baggie of toiletries, and laughingly said he knows who he should ask if he needs any lotion. He said his wife packs the same amount of stuff. (He's married? Apparently there is someone for everyone.) He then told security 2-3 times that he'd gladly put on some plastic gloves and help them do security checks if they needed. He then proceeded to dump every single quarter, penny and dime in his pockets straight into the security bins. I was able to dress quickly and get out of there, but I later saw him on the same train heading to our concourse. Luckily he was chatting up some woman standing next to him, and didn't see me.

How annoying is he? I pity whoever is stuck next to him on today's flight (I don't know where he's going, because I didn't ask. Why? I don't care.)

I'm about to board and I'm praying for an aisle seat next to a quiet, skinny and clean person. Wish me luck!

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  1. This is when you pretend to be on your cell phone... that's what I do when homeless people start up a conversation.