It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

A life lesson

Here's when even bubbles are fun
At what point in our lives do we lose those innocent child-like beliefs? When does driving fast go from exciting and cool to dangerous and scary, not to mention a sure-fire way to get a speeding ticket? (Which in turn, will likely lead to higher insurance premiums.) My goodness, when did we start worrying about higher insurance premiums?

When does skiing down the black diamond seem less like a thrill, and more like a bad idea that will surely hurt your knees and/or back and/or hip?

In our mid-20's and early 30's, we suddenly realize we are indeed mortal, and man, it stinks. We kick ourselves for laying in the sun with nothing but baby oil on our skin. For some friends, they regret picking up that first cigarette, thinking it was cool, and would now give up most anything to quit. For some, they realize they should have taken better care of their bodies and watched what they put into it. One friend of mine even jokes she wished she would have walked around in nothing but a bikini in her 20's, because she now she realizes her body will truly never look better.

For all of us, losing friends or family members is also a sure-fire way of kicking us in the gut, and making us realize we only have one shot at this thing. Last night my grandmother Crofts passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's. The disease is truly awful. There's no way to explain the pain you feel when your own grandmother doesn't recognize you. But man, she was tough. She was nearly 91 years old. She grew up on an Indian reservation. She later lived on a ranch called "Rattlesnake" which wasn't just a clever name--there were lots of poisonous snakes there. What there wasn't a lot of, however, was electricity which made for some brutally cold Wyoming winters.

My grandmother, known as Grandmommy, taught me how to sew. How to cook. She always made my favorite coffee pies, which I loved more for the massive amounts of whip cream, rather than the java. I used to spend weeks during the summer with my grandfather and her in Lander, Wyoming. I'd spend all day in the creek that ran through their backyard, enjoying the cold mountain water streaming from the Wind River mountain. I had nothing but time and innocence to build little rafts and play with my cousins.

I miss you already Grandmommy, but I feel so much better that you're no longer in pain and I know you're happy to be with Granddaddy again. I'm also very glad I have another guardian angel watching over us.

Oh, and when I see you again, you'd better have a coffee pie waiting for me....


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your family's loss.

  2. Sorry about your loss Jeannie. I'm glad you had a memory about your Grandmommy and food : ). I will forever relate Werther's Originals to my grandparents.