It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dressing Room Disasters

I've realized as a woman, sometimes shopping is just not fun. Sure, there are days you feel good about yourself and everything you try on is a perfect fit. Then there is the other 95% of the time.

I don't shop for clothes much these days, but I needed to find a dress for a wedding we're going to this week in Hilton Head. A girlfriend of mine recommended a little boutique shop in the 900 North Michigan Ave. Shops. I went in and the dresses were stunning. So I picked up my size, but it looked really tiny. So I grabbed a size up too. When I tried them on, I couldn't get either one above my hips. What in the world? I had to go up 3 sizes! Here's the thing clothing designers: don't do that. Never make clothing smaller so a woman has to go up a size (or 3!). I couldn't buy the dang thing just on principal alone. What you want to do is make clothing bigger, that way I can be told, "Oh, I'm so sorry Miss (not M'am) we don't have anything small enough for you. We're going to have to fit you in a junior size. This is so embarrassing!"

And what's with the dressing room lighting in about 99.9% of dressing rooms in this country? They put a weird, glaring light right above you, so it shines down showing every line on your face and every dimple on your behind. It's so. not. flattering. I swear, a Victoria's Secret model couldn't make that lighting work. And you want me to buy a swimsuit after trying this on and swearing I must have gained 10 pounds since breakfast? Not happening.


We want dim, soft lights people and size 0's that are the new size 8's. Thank you.

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