It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Woes

My 15th birthday was epic. It was 1993 and the start of summer vacation, so knew I had the next three months free from school and homework. My mom and I flew to Kentucky to visit my grandmother which totally rocked because a) I loved flying back then and b) Mama Mays had a sweet pool in the backyard and a plethora of pop-tarts and Kentucky bourbon candies available at all times.

In honor of my big day, Mama Mays planned a ton of fun things to do. First stop- Churchill Downs. My family and I dressed in our finest 90's gear and went to the race track. Because we dressed up, the security guard thought we must be in the VIP section, which I remember thinking was totally cool. We enjoyed an awesome brunch and I bet my allowance on horses like, "Abracadbra" and "Sagebrush Annie."

The Big 15th Birthday
We then took a trip on "My Old Kentucky Dinner Train." For two hours, we enjoyed the Kentucky scenery while I made myself sick on Shirley Temples. I ate all my dinner and dessert, not even worrying about cellulite or getting a food baby or muffin top, because I was all of 90 pounds.

Later we took a boat tour on the "Star of Louisville," where I tried every single dessert and shook my tail feather to songs like "Whoomp, There It Is!" and "Rump Shaker." It was a simple time where I only worried about getting food stuck in my braces and if Rex Lewis knew I had a huge crush on him.

Aww. Weren't those days the best?

As many of you know, I turned 33 this week, and unfortunately, it was nothing like my epic 15th birthday. I had a cold, it rained all day in Chicago, and at dinner, the waiter spilled an entire tray of half-eaten food on me. (However, we did get half of our meal comped because apparently a lap full of pasta equals a free filet. Mike thanked me for "taking one for the team.")


I guess there are good things about getting older. I no longer have a mouth full of metal, I married a guy just as cute as Rex Lewis and I can now add a little vodka to my Shirley Temples. I guess it's not all bad....


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Jeannie - remember - have fun, fun, fun along the way!

  2. Happy Birthday Jeannie!!! I look
    forward to getting your updates! They are so funny!