It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Keep An Eye Out for the "Boss" TV Show

As a kid, I dreamed of being an actress. I remember watching "Footloose" and thinking I was born to dance and be a movie star. Sadly, I discovered I have no real rhythm and when I went to L.A. as a bright-eyed 21-year old, I was told everyone there is trying to "make it" and you can work your whole life and never be anything more than a waitress. So I pretty much gave up my acting dream and pursued broadcasting instead.

However, it really is funny how life works. Fast forward 10 years, I end up in Chicago because my hubbie gets a job here and suddenly I'm getting to pursue my acting dream. Well, sort of.

"Boss" shoot
As many of you know, I got to be an extra in "The Playboy Club" TV pilot that shot here in March. Turns out if you aren't too high-maintenance and a total diva, the casting agency uses you again. So on Friday night, I got asked to be an extra for a new TV series called "Boss" starring Kelsey Grammer. Score!

I can't give away details of the show, but what I can say, it was pretty darn cool working next to Kelsey all night. (Or should I say Mr. Grammer??) I kept thinking, my god, I've watched this actor my whole life and now I'm standing right next to him! I can also tell you that Kelsey is the first actor I've seen that chose to eat dinner with all of the extras and the crew instead of in his trailer, which I thought was pretty darn cool. I can also tell you there is a very good chance you'll see me in this show because the director asked me to "be stage left and look at this actor, and yadda yadda.." I didn't understand a word he said, but hopefully I did it right.

All-in-all, extra work is extremely tiring and the pay isn't great, but as I was standing in the Field Museum in a cocktail dress with cameras all around me, I remember thinking, "Yep, this is definitely something I'm telling my grandchildren about." Only in true "walking up hill both ways" form, it will be more like, "See kids, I was only an extra, but then Mr. Grammer and the director decided I needed to be the star of the show, so well, they plucked me from the extras holding area and made me the lead actress." Yep, I like that.

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  1. I hope your dreams of becoming an accomplished actress come true. You deserve it! Your one of the few people I know that is nice to everyone no matter what your 'station' in life is.
    Smiles Shawnna cash punteney