It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Little Bit Can Go A Long Way

Mail is a funny thing. When you're waiting for something important (paycheck, college acceptance letter, birthday check from your Pops) it seems to take forever. But the things you don't want (cable bill, magazine selling women's moo-moos or yet another credit card offer) always seem to be there waiting for you.

We moved into this apartment in October, so our mail was forwarded for several months. As you loyal blog followers know, not everything got forwarded so I had to pay $120 in late fees for a parking ticket (so it was $240 all together, and no, I never got a ticket on my windshield) and I had to pay late fees for a dermatologist bill, therefore costing $100. But sure enough when I checked my mail yesterday, I discovered the post office forwarded our old vet's reminder to get our Chihuahua her annual visit. Isn't it strange how that made the cut, but official looking letters saying "Final Notice" in big, red, bold letters didn't? Weird.

For me, junk mail is not only a hassle and something that fills up our wee-sized mailbox, it's also something that makes me cringe when I think of the environment. I look around this city of millions, realizing how much we're putting into the landfill.

I found a great website that helps you control what catalogs and mailers you get. It's called It's a non-profit who contacts companies for you asking them to stop sending you crap. It's free, they just ask for a donation. For me, I never use phone books, so I asked to stop getting those. Also, I get tons of catalogs for things I don't want or can't afford (Yes Crate and Barrel, I'm talking to you), so I've stopped those too. Think one person can't make a difference? According to the website's environmental impact calculator, by stopping 3 catalogs and phone books I'm helping save 1 tree, 59 pounds of greenhouse gases, 141 pounds of solid waste and 21 gallons of water. Isn't that amazing??

I also found another cool website where you can opt out of credit card offers for 5 years! Check it out here.

Both websites are super quick and again, free. Think of the amazing impact this would have if we all did this!

Now, help me figure out I can charge the post office for all those late bills...

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