It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, November 2, 2009


Being the responsible parents we are, Mike and I realized this week we're leaving for New Orleans on Thursday, and we have no one to watch the dogs. Oops! I was hoping to make amazing friends on our floor, but considering Bailey and Buckeye tried to attack our next door neighbor's dog today, I don't think we'll be sending her a Christmas card.
I called a local doggie daycare/spa, because I figured if they do puppy pedicures, they'll take good care of the kids. One problem: I have to bring them in beforehand for a "temperament test." They have to behave themselves around the workers and the other dogs. So yes, I'm currently trying to figure out what plan "B" with be.
By the way, the fake sod on our patio I was telling you about is a success! The dogs learned how to use it in one day. Sorry for the graphic picture, but hey, I'm a proud mama.

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