It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do you ever feel old?

I think for all of us there are specific moments in life when you just feel old. For me, I remember a few specific examples....

* Being called "Ma'am" by the cute guy who works at my gym

* The time I told the young gal washing my hair at the salon that I was a newlywed and she replied back with, "Oh awesome, I want to wait until I'm older to get married too!"

* Finding my first gray hair (January 17, 2011). Of course, I blogged about it...

* And today. Finding out a former classmate of mine, who is the same age as me, is going to be a grandmother.

I was perusing Facebook when I saw this friend posted one of those creepy sonogram pics of a baby. You know, where it looks like a little alien or the dancing baby from Ally McBeal. I was expecting to read the caption, "I have exciting news to share!" but instead it said, "I'm going to be a grandmother. I'm so excited!"

Really, is she excited? She's 33, so her son has to be 15 or 16.

I haven't even had a child yet, and now friends are having grandchildren?? The reason I'm waiting is because I don't feel like we're financially stable enough. Hmm...I'll have to find out what kind of job the 15-year old has, because it must pay more than mine.


  1. I have definitely been having more of these moments lately too! You know what really struck me? A few weeks ago I was watching one of my favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally. Do you know Meg Ryan's character is 32 in that movie? WHAT?! I'm finally catching up to her after all these years!

  2. That just made my soul die a little. Holy buckets.