It's official!

It's official!
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

We're done!

Wow, Mike and I are officially done with one of the longest/craziest/most tiring/coolest weeks of our lives. We were cast as extras in a new TV pilot NBC is shooting called "The Playboy Club." It's based on the clubs Hugh Hefner started in Chicago in the early 1960's, and let me tell ya, they went all out with making it look like 1963. We had the hair, makeup, clothes, undergarments...even the shoes that people wore back then. Every morning I spent two hours in the hair and makeup chair getting done up, and the weirdest part? When I looked in the mirror, I saw my mother.

The lead role in this show is the very good-looking Eddie Cibrian (CSI Miami, Sunset Beach, Third Watch--also known as LeAnn Rimes' fiance.) Mike was cast as one of Eddie's friends, so I begged Mike to get Eddie's phone number. Sadly, he didn't. In one scene (which took several hours to shoot), I was so close to Eddie, I could have grabbed his tooshie. Sadly, I didn't. (That automatically gets you kicked out, and that would be embarrassing. Plus I didn't want to waste of all my eyeliner and Aqua Net.)

One of the main female leads is played by Amber Heard (on left-Pineapple Express, Zombieland). She is absolutely gorgeous, and at the beginning of what will likely be a long and successful career. I was so close to her in a scene, I could have grabbed her bunny tail. Sadly, I didn't.

The other main female role is played by the very talented Broadway Actress Laura Benanti (on right). Her voice is phenomenal and her body in a bunny suit? Even more phenomenal. (Luckily I'm secure in my marriage. Plus, I covered Mike's eyes every time the bunnies walked by him.)

Also in the show is the very talented David Krumholtz (probably best known for the show Numbers). Mike chatted with him yesterday, and said he's a very nice guy.

All-in-all it was a tiring experience, considering we worked 16-17 hours a day, but I'm super glad we did it. But let me tell ya, after getting blisters, going to the bathroom in a porta potty, eating a quick 10 minute lunch at 4 p.m. and sitting for hours in a cold tent, I know first hand the life of an extra ain't glamorous.


  1. Jeannie! My bf's uncle is a unit producer for the show (at least that is what i think his title is). His name is Rich-meet him?

    BTW super cool! Way to be a bunny!

  2. Oh, very cool Stephanie...I'm sure I saw him! There were so many people working on the crew, so I didn't get everyone's names.

    Thanks for reading!!