It's official!

It's official!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well, that wasn't easy!

It's over, it's over!! I took the GRE this week (test to get into graduate school) and I scored about average for math and a little above average for the verbal. It's probably the only time in my life I've jumped for joy after scoring right in the middle.

What a crazy experience. The workers are very careful there's no cheating going on. I went downtown to a testing center which is on the 16th floor of a high-rise. You check in and you have to sign that not only do you promise not to cheat, you write out a full paragraph saying bascially, "I, Jeannie Crofts, swear not to cheat..."

Then they make you empty your pockets. I even brought my own kleenex (because I am my mother's daughter, of course), but they made me throw those out and take theirs. (I guess in case I wrote out the Pythagorean Theorem on them? Trust me, having that wouldn't have helped.) They gave me scratch paper and pencils, and made me count how many pieces of scratch paper I had. I said "4" and they marked it down on the sheet. Then they made me put all my stuff in a locker, including my watch.

I told them I needed to go to the bathroom, so they asked for my driver's license, and I gave that as colloratel for a bathroom key. (Just like a dingy gas station bathroom!) When I was ready for the test, I signed in, along with the time. They took me into a room where about 5 other people were taking tests. I noticed that there was a camera above every person, watching their every move. I wore a light jacket, thinking I'd get cold, and they told me I couldn't take it off during the test.

Not long after I started, another guy came in and sat down next to me...and then he coughed. And coughed again. For the next 3 hours, he coughed every 30 seconds. It was? The worst! I put on headphones, but it didn't help...I could still hear him every time he coughed. I'd start reading a problem, and then he'd hack and I had to start over. (I blame him for my low math score. It couldn't possibly be my fault.)

When it came to the math portion...I did a lot of guessing. Who I am kidding? I guessed on every single answer. I had to laugh at myself, because with each question I wrote down the problem or equation on my scrap paper as if I knew how to solve it. I'd write it down...stare at it....add a couple of numbers, then multiply them...but I never got an answer that was any of the mutiple choice answers. Oh well, I thought, let's go with choice "C"!

I told my mom later, "It's okay that I'm not good at math. I'd rather be socially smart than book smart." Translation: "I just felt like a total dum dum and I'm trying to justify it."

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