It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jeannie Crofts is....

People in nearly every country use it everyday. I'm talking about Facebook...the place where friends have reconnected, couples have met, and even some people have lost their jobs or scholarships. (Did having a posted pic of you topless ever seem like a good idea?)

The other day, my friend Jenn brought up a good point about Facebook users. She said it drives her nuts when people use their posting abilities to brag. Such as "I am soooo tired after running my first marathon today!" (If I posted this, my friends would know I was lying. For me, running two miles is a feat.) It got me thinking there are really 4 kinds of Facebook users out there.
1. The Captain Obvious users
2. The Braggarts
3. The I'm too cool for Facebook, but I still use it.
4. The Third Person users

The Captain Obvious users post things like this, "I hates Mondays." Or "I just love Fridays." Really? You're saying Fridays are cool? Why? I'm confused. Seriously, why even waste your time on the computer?

Courtesy: Millionaires Secrets
The Braggarts are Jenn's pet peeve, like "I am looking for a partner to help run a multi-million dollar business. Message me if you are qualified" Here's the thing I've come to realize in my time on this planet. The people who show off their money or qualifications are really poor and unemployed. People who don't brag about their money and drive around in beat up Chevy's are actually billionaires. (Think Sam Walton.)

The I'm too cool for Facebook user has a FB account, but never posts anything or comments on any one's pictures or status updates. My opinion-they're fearful that no one will comment on their post or give them an approving "Like" with the thumbs up, so they keep a low profile. (In reality-they're probably just too busy with life and utilize their time much better than I do.)

Finally, the 3rd person post-er is really odd to me. Have you noticed some people will say, "Jeannie is really tired tonight and looking forward to winding down." It just seems strange. How about using I or me? It reminds me of the time my girlfriend went on a date with a guy who referred to himself as the "Gibster." Let's just say the "Gibster" didn't getting a second date (Or anything else.)

What kind of Facebook user are you? 

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  1. As a "too cool for facebook user" I would add that it is mostly out of laziness not fear that I don't post anything