It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hair Trauma!

It's been a traumatic 48 hours in the Evanchan household. There's been a lot of crying, pouting and moodiness, and no we don't have a 2-year old. I'm talking about me.

That's because 48 hours I did something I wasn't ready for. Something I instantly regretted. my hair majorly cut, I literally mean chopped. I'm talking about 7 inches of hair that just sat on the ground like a sad little pile of regret.

Here's the thing...I didn't cut my hair because I wanted to. I took a job as an extra in a TV pilot and they gave me the gig as long as I agreed to get my hair cut. (Yes, I'm going to be on TV! I'm dying to spill all the details....but I can't just yet.)

hairSo there I was, with my back to the mirror, feeling my hair drop first to my shoulders and then to the ground. I suddenly noticed my head felt much lighter. I turned around, and after being told my hair would be cut to shoulder length, this is what I saw. (See picture) Apparently a bob is the new shoulder length cut. Yowsers. I saved my tears for when I got home, because I never cry in front of the stylist. (I save that for Mike.)

Yes I know, hair grows, get over it. But growing out my hair was really important to me. It represented freedom...the fact that after 8 years in television news and being told what length and color to keep my hair, I could finally call the shots. I started growing it out for my wedding, so it represented what I wanted for the best day of my life. I also felt like my long hair was a way to hold on to my youth. (Yes people, I'm a woman. We analyze EVERYTHING in our lives, get over it.)

After a long chat with my girlfriend, a.k.a. therapist Holly, I decided I'm going to embrace this change. I'm going to enjoy the stages of it growing back out. I'm going to channel my inner Jennifer Aniston.
(However, it would really help if you assure me that it's cute. Again, I'm a woman, therefore needy and insecure. Thank you in advance.)


  1. Very cute Jeannie!! So Jessica Alba! :)

  2. Pops has sent you a link to a blog:

    It's cute! Love you. Pops

  3. I was talking to Charley, and she told me about your hair cut. I just creeped on your Facebook, looking for pictures, and then found myself here. I love it! And at the same time, totally understand the trauma. It takes some time to get used to. I miss you.