It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

To 'Burb it or not to 'Burb it, that is the question

I've realized there comes a point in every city couple's life where they question should we or shouldn't we? The should or shouldn't I'm talking about is moving to the 'burbs.


This city is a lot of fun and offers great restaurants, museums and night life. You can get a late night taco at 4 a.m. You can walk to Michigan Avenue and some of the best shopping in this country within minutes. You feel the energy and know there's opportunity around every corner.

But when it comes to doing the little things like running to Target or going to the grocery store, it ain't easy. When we lived in a high-rise going to Target was like a 3-hour ordeal by the time I walked a mile to my car, drove there, shopped and then stood in line forever, drove back, double parked, unloaded, drove the car back to our parking spot a mile away and then walked a mile home. Phew! When it came to the grocery, I ended up going every few days because I could only buy what I could carry home. In a city, sometimes you feel like all you're ever doing is running errands or sitting in traffic.

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However, no one ever wants to be the first couple to give in and move to the 'burbs. We all worry we'll have to give up our fun cards, and we'll never get invited to cool parties anymore. We worry we'll be thrust into a boring life of diaper changing and parent-teacher conferences. We worry we'll all start to look alike and live in cookie-cutter homes.

But then again, we would have more space. We'd actually have a yard! We could quickly run errands and park right out front of the store. Can you imagine that? We would no longer see drug deals in our 'hood and probably wouldn't have to carry mace when we go out at night.


No one ever warned me that being an adult came with some very tough decisions and constantly wondering if you're doing the right thing. Um, hello, 22...remember me? I'd like spend more time with you.


  1. Poor Jeannie. The burbs doesn't have to mean WAY out there. You can live in towns like Oak Park or Forrest Park where the El goes and connect with your city buddies as easily as you do now. I grew up in the burbs of Chicago they aren't all cookie cutter houses and obscurity. Good luck on the choice though.

  2. Ok, I have to admit....when I first read your headline, I thought it said, "To BURP it, or not to BURP it." Good news: it caught my attention, and I immediately had to read to know what the heck you were writing about. HA!!! And just in case that question comes up, go ahead and burp...within reason. Even a southern girl like me has to let it out sometimes :)