It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Words Describe Chicago Bicyclists....

Awe yes, finally. WE MADE IT PEOPLE!! The weather is in the 60's, the birds are chirping, people are happy and some even broken out the shorts today. Yes, they had shockingly white legs, but considering their walkers haven't seen the light of day in 5 months, it's forgiven. After getting blasted with snow, wind and even thundersnow this winter, Chicagoans have finally earned a little taste of Spring. You can toast your green beer to that!

You know it's Spring-like in the city when you see dozens of people on their two-wheeled death machines, a.k.a bicycles. As I've said in a previous blog, there are three words to describe Chicago bicyclists. Crazy insane a-holes. (Really, so sorry Mama Mays [my grandmother]. Are you still reading this blog anyway?)

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that people are trading in their SUV's for a more environmentally friendly option. I love that people exchange a slice of cheesy Chicago-style pizza for a helmet and a way to get exercise. I love that this means there are fewer cars on the road.

What I don't love?

Crazy insane a-holes.

Some bicyclists act like they just got the awful news they have two weeks to live, so they'd better make the most of it. They act like they just got the stomach gurgle that let's them know they have 2.2 minutes until they have brown pants. They'll whiz by you, cut you off, even ride over a toe if you get in their way. Today I actually saw a poor women trip on the sidewalk, fall to her knees and drop all her groceries because she was trying to get out of the way of a bicyclist about to hit her. Poor woman. She got bloody knees and ruined jeans, but the bicyclist didn't even stop.

Just remember fellow Chicagoans--we all have to make room for each other in this crazy, big city. If we follow the rules of the road and show a little respect, we're all much better off (and we won't have to deal with poopy pants.)

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  1. Mama Mays has sent you a link to a blog:

    Yes, Jeannie I still read your blog and thoroughly enjoy it (except of course the bad words!!!!!!)but keep it up anyway. Love You, Mama Mays