It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trying to get Health Insurance? It's Not Fun

The health insurance hunt continues, and man, it stinks. As I mentioned yesterday, since I'm a freelancer and Mike is starting his own company, we need to find our own health insurance. I thought it would be easy considering we're young-ish, healthy and not trying to have children.

Boy, I was wrong.

I started looking for quotes online yesterday because I avoid human interaction as much as possible. All I remember is filling out our zip code and my name, but all of a sudden my home phone started ringing. Then my cell phone. Before I knew it, both phones were ringing every couple of minutes with different insurance agents offering me coverage. Sheesh, it was like I was a bleeding surfer and they were the sharks. I continued filling out the online paperwork, and the phone continued ringing. When I answered a couple of calls, they started asking me about my health history, and I freaked out, not sure who I was giving my info to.

Finally, I got a quote that seemed decent (especially considering our Cobra is $900 a month), so I applied for that. We're now in the process of getting approved, but only after I took part in a health interview today. I was asked about illnesses I literally had years ago, and they asked if I had any intention of going to the doctor in the next 6 months.

Um, no? How am I supposed to know? And forget about even trying to have a family. That's not covered.

Hopefully health care is just getting worse before it gets better because if two healthy adults like Mike and I have a hard time getting covered, I can't imagine the struggle many other Americans face.

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