It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jeannie Crofts is Sweaty

Recently I found a cool feature on this blog that allows me to see how people find me, meaning what words they typed into google to find this blog. There are the usual suspects like "Jeannie Crofts" and "Jeannie Crofts blog," but some of these really crack me up.

Who typed in "Taylor Swift Sweaty Armpit" to find me? Does Taylor Swift even have sweaty pits? Perhaps she's like me and gets a little nervous when she sees Taylor Lautner without his shirt on.

A couple of weeks ago someone typed in "Bill Murray Armpit Sweat," "Bill Murray Armpit Sweat?" (one with a question mark, one without), and "Bill Murray Armpit." Have I ever blogged about Bill Murray? Hmm, I don't think so. Someone else typed in "Jeannie Crofts Sweaty" (thanks a lot people), and another one typed in "Brad Womack's Pits" (You know, the Bachelor. He does sweat a lot. Particularly on the forehead. He also says, "I like her, I really do" quite a bit. Have you noticed that?)

Some of my other favs..."Sweaty Chihuahua Armpits" (Good memory...I've blogged before about how my chunky Chihuahua sweats in his 'pits), and someone actually found my blog by typing in "20-year old who's 350-pounds blog." Okay, now that's just weird. Everyone knows I'm clearly not 20-years old.

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