It's official!

It's official!
David Stubbs Photography

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm one of those people....

Okay, I've officially lost it.  I'm now one of those "dog people" who thinks my dogs are the greatest things ever, and treat them just like my own kids.  (Okay, I've always been like that, I'm just taking it to a whole new, kinda sick, level today.)

I'm now joining the ranks of parents who make videos of their children doing cute things.  This video is actually from July 5 when Mike and I came home from our wedding, but I just finished editing it last night.  We left our doggies at home and a friend dog-sat them while we were away in Wyoming.  This is the very enthusiastic welcome home we got.  The dogs just kept running back and forth between Mike and I, as if wanting to spread the love.  (Yes, my friends, I have WAY too much time of my hands.)

Enjoy!  I'm sure you dog lovers will appreciate this.  You non dog-lovers will just shake your heads (but hopefully keep reading my blog after this ridiculous display.  I swear, I'm usually pretty normal.)


  1. Who wouldn't want that kind of welcome?? Makes me want to get a dog...