It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's that time of year for, medical updates?
Oh, the season of Christmas cards.  Isn't it fun opening up your mailbox and finding cards from friends and family all over the country?  My all-time favorites are the ones that include pictures of little kids.  We still have last year's pictures of our nieces and nephews, and little ones of our family friends hanging on our fridge.  I just love looking at them every time I need to grab milk or O.J.

I also love getting letters from people telling me about this year's job promotions, weddings or fun changes in their lives.   However, have you ever noticed that not all Christmas letters are good ones?

Do you ever get the "Update of Everyone's Health Christmas Letter?"  It's a detailed account of what medical procedures the family went through that year.  What in the world are people thinking??  Is it suddenly the time of year to share stories about mysterious bumps we find in our nether regions?  Or the time of year to share the fact that we have bloody diarrhea?  Sheesh people!

Last year, I cried so hard I peed a little (hmm, that sounds like Christmas card material!) when I read a two-page letter from a family friend who described every doctor's visit, treatment or procedure her family had the past year.  It was so detailed, she gave exact dates and times.  She even described the "mood" of her family during the time.  Really?  Why do we need to know this information?  Why do 50 of your closest friends need to know this information?

I can't imagine how little Johnny feels knowing his mother just told everyone he is hitting puberty, so now seeing pretty girls makes him feel funny in his potty spot.  

C'mon people, have you ever heard of filtering yourself?

I must go blow my nose now.  I hope it's clear and not yellow or green, because you know what colored snot means!

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