It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, December 18, 2009

230 channels and nothing on

Have you watched TLC lately? They have certainly found their niche. If you have a litter of kids or are a small person, bamn, you have a show.

I watched "18 Kids and Counting" today. I wanted to be annoyed that they have a show just because they have a lot of kids, but the family is so darn cute. And the parents? So patient! How in the world do they do it? The kids are much better behaved than many families I've been around with just two or three kiddos. But if you have 18 kids, aren't the chances that you'll have a black sheep in the family so much greater?

Now I'm watching "Little People Big World." It's about two little people who are married and have three kids. Again, they are the cutest family and you can't help but watch.

But I'm drawing the line. I will not watch "Table for 12", "Little Couple", or "Little Chocolatiers." Seriously? They have a show because they are small and make chocolate?? Strange.

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