It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't be sorry, be sassy!

The other day I was with a female relative and we were on the sidewalk getting ready to cross Randolph Street.  Out of nowhere a bicyclist came whizzing by, hopped the curb and nearly knocked us both over.  That's when my female relative (okay, she totally reads this blog and will know I'm talking about her) said "I'm sorry!" to the bicyclist.  I said, "Why are you saying your sorry?  He nearly ran you over!"

Yes women, I've blogged about this before...we are guilty of saying we're sorry WAY too much, and now researchers are calling us out on it.  Scientists at the University of Waterloo in Ontario asked women and men to keep a journal about how many times they apologize, and not surprisingly, they found that women say I'm sorry way more than men.  They discovered men are less likely to be offended than women and are less likely to think they've done anything wrong.  Don't misinterpret that...most men will apologize when they genuinely believe they've done something wrong, they just know that not everything is their fault.

Debbie Mandel, a writer for The Examiner, takes it a step further and says this goes along with women having a hard time saying no and accepting compliments without reducing it to being undeserved.  I agree!  We need to be stronger.  I personally have made it a goal to apologize less, and ladies, you should do the same.  If someone runs into you, spills a drink on you, cuts in front of you, DON'T apologize to them!  In my opinion, it diminishes your credibility and makes you seem weak.

I'm sorry (ha!) if this seems harsh, I'm just trying to be honest.

P.S.  I'm heading to Atlanta for a wedding tomorrow, so I'll be offline for a few days.  I'll check back in on Sunday.  Sorry (ha!) for any inconvenience that causes you.

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