It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Think before you eat

The other day the elevator stopped on the 15th floor and a man got in.  He immediately pulled an apricot from his bag, and began eating it with such desperation I thought he must have just gotten off of a 15-day hunger strike.  He slurped the juices like a little kid slurps the last of his milkshake.  It was so gross.  As we were getting off, I turned to Mike and said, "Wow, did you enjoy that apricot as much as he did?"

I can appreciate that life is busy and we sometimes have to eat on the go, but I wish people would think about where and how they're going to grab a quick bite.  For example, have you ever been on an airplane and someone suddenly opens up their onion with a side of poop sandwich?  It's the most potent thing you've ever smelled, and the stench lingers all the way from Chicago to Denver.  Seriously?  Couldn't that person have eaten their steaming pile of poo sandwich before the got on? 

And couldn't Mr. Apricot inhale his juicy fruit after he got off the elevator?  He could save that kind of grossness for his 15-minute cab ride.  The cabbie wouldn't hear a thing over the screams of people trying to get out of his way while he cruises down Michigan Avenue at 90 mph.


  1. You hit the nail on the head....

    There was a woman one row in front of me and across the aisle on an early morning flight from Missoula to Denver who decided that her first 2 orders of business were to remove her shoes and then eat the biggest breakfast burrito I have EVER seen. Oh it was stinky, and as an added bonus to my horror she got to the end and decided she was no longer interested in eating the actual tortilla, so she just licked the rest of the insides off. I couldn't stop watching, it was so revolting but I couldn't look away.

  2. If I didn't blog about this same ridiculous inappropriate social faux pas, I totally meant to! Especially the airplane's like, who wants to be trapped in here with your nasty food smell and then that smell that was transferred to your breath? All in a wonderfully confined area with limited oxygen. Yum!