It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ever been a hot mess?

I'm a hot mess today.  It's the kind of day where I'm so scatter-brained, if I were a mother, I'd probably forget my kids in the car or at gymnastics practice.

It started at the gym this morning.  I had been there for 30 minutes running when I decided I'd better do some leg exercises in preparation for getting my turkey on this week.  When I climbed on the machine, I looked down and noticed my workout pants looked a little different.  Yep, that's because they were on inside out.  My tags and pockets were hanging out (and the pockets are lined with white and the pants are brown, so it was SO obvious.)  I laughed at the fact that I was just noticing this at the end of my workout.

I cleaned up and got ready to head into the city for work.  I hopped on the L train and score!  An empty seat, so I sat down.  We took off and headed to the next stop.  As we were slowing down nearing it, the recorded voice said, "This stop, North & Clybourn."

What??  That's NORTH of my apartment, and I'm trying to go SOUTH into the city.  Shoot, I just got on the wrong train.

Sheesh.  Luckily I found out you can get off at one stop and immediately turn around and go the opposite direction without having to pay again.  Thank goodness!

I posted my hot messiness on Facebook, and asked friends to confess the crazy things they've done when they were tired.  Here are some of their stories....

* One friend accidentally used black eyeliner on her eyebrows instead of her eyes.  Hello Gothic style! Another put mascara on only one eye, and when she looked in the rear view mirror, couldn't figure out why she looked so strange.

* Another grabbed the outdated milk carton instead of the fresh one.  He put it on his cereal and took a bite of rotten grossness!

* Another friend of mine one-upped my gym-pants story.  She forgot to wear pants at the gym all together!

* One friend can totally relate to me.  She realized while running errands she had her V-neck sweater on backwards, totally channeling the 90's pop group Kris Kross.

*  My all time favorite?  One friend says she was so tired, she went to the bathroom and dropped her drawers.  Only she forgot to pull down her undies.  Yep, she peed right through them.  Her husband won't let her live it down.

Thanks for the stories everyone!

P.S. We're heading to Ohio tomorrow to spend time with Mike's family, so I'll probably be off-line for a couple days.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!

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