It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Think before you type

When did we make it okay for people to make totally obnoxious and unnecessary comments after news stories, blogs and message boards?  When you offer anonymity, people seem to think it's okay to write whatever they want, no matter how inappropriate, offensive or wacky it is.

Tonight I was looking at the bio of a San Francisco news anchor.  For some reason, the station allows people to post anonymous comments after each bio.  Here are some of the comments on this anchor's page, and I'm not even kidding.

* "To look your best you should cut your hair 6-8 inches and don't wear dangly earrings." (Okay, thanks, I'll get right on that.)

* "What's up with you the past few days?  You seem bored and flat.  What's up?"  (When I got e-mails like this I wanted to reply, "Well you seem ugly and stupid.  What's up?"

* "Great dress this morning!  My marine observation skills spyed (spelled wrong) a possible belly button ring.  Yes?  No?"  (A viewer once asked what color my toenail polish was.  Creepy.)

* "Love the extensions.  Your hair is longer and more luxurious than my 14-year old daughter Alexa's." (Way to support your daughter!)  "Alexa has warned me she already wants breast implants upon high school graduation so she can be more successful."  (Yes, this is the way to success.  Thank god you're instilling that in your impressionable young daughter.)

* "I enjoy watching you in the mornings, but can you loosen up and smile once in awhile?" (I think she should smile during the whole show, especially stories about death.)

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