It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm in a music video!

I was in a music video last night!  Holla! Okay, so it wasn't just me in a bikini washing or dancing on a car Tawny Kitaen style, but it was still pretty darn exciting.

There's a great Chicago band called "How Far To Austin," and they have a beautiful sound.  They describe it as "rock n soul," and I couldn't agree more.  Check out one of their songs here.  The two lead singers blend beautifully.

One of the members grew up with Mike's friend here in the Chi, so last night they asked about 50 of their closest friends to be in the background of their music video.  We got invited to this beautiful modern home in Bucktown, and these were our instructions.  "Drink, dance and have a good time."  Holla!  My instructions to Mike...."Don't get in the way of me and the camera, because I want ample face time."  Ha!

Of course, I couldn't take any pics during the shoot, but here's what the set looked like.  There were so many candles, the director actually caught his shirt on fire while shooting.  But he was such a professional, he just hit himself until the flame was out, and kept filming!

So stay tuned, as soon as the video is done, I'll post it.  I'm really thinking this could be my big break.

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