It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get your vote on!

Here were are...another election day.  Did you vote??  Be honest, how much of the ballot looked totally foreign to you?  Does anyone ever know the 97 judges who are asking to be kept?  It's not like they're even running for election, they're just asking you to check "yes" for keeping them.  I always mark yes, presuming they have a family at home they need to feed.

This was my first experience voting in Illinois and it was an interesting one.  First of all, we voted in a downtown high-rise, and there was NO parking.  (See picture.)  We first parked in the circle and threw on the hazard lights (just like we always do), but as soon as we got out of the car, a very disgruntled doorman ran out and yelled, "Don't you think about parking here!  I will have you towed!"  Sheesh, talk about trying to suppress our freedoms.  Mike moved the car while I went inside.  

Then I didn't have to show my ID to the poll workers.  What is that?  Do I just look trusting?  When I was handed the ballot, I honestly didn't know what to do with it.  Next to each candidate, there is a black arrow with a big hole in the center.  If you vote for that candidate, you have to fill in the lines of the arrow. (BTW-This is also the test Kindergarteners have to pass to move on to the 1st grade.)  My marker didn't work well, so I hope my vote counts!  I then went on to only vote for the candidates whose television ads show them talking to a group of seniors or holding babies.  Those are the ones you can trust.

Regardless of who wins or loses today, I commend all of the people running for office.  It's a thankless job that forces you to make small talk with a bunch of crazy people.  You also have to act like their long-standing problems with a neighbor over an apple tree on their property is an important one worth looking into.  You also have to give up most Saturdays to campaign, and let's face it, I'm way to selfish for that kind of a job.

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