It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Realizations

When I went to Mike's family's home in Canton, Ohio this Thanksgiving, I had a few realizations.  First of all, I can no longer eat whatever I want over the holidays, because at 32, my metabolism is now working at a snail's pace, while my butt is growing at the speed of a cheetah's run.  It's?  Depressing.

Secondly, when I held our newest nephew, I kinda liked the way he smelled and felt in my arms, suddenly making me afraid I might be closer to wanting children than I thought.  Uh-oh.

Third, shopping on Black Friday sucks in small towns just like it sucks in big cities.  Crowds just suck.

Finally, I'm beginning to get blog followers.  Holla!  When I talked to two different friends of my mother-in-law's, they knew what was going on in our lives because they read this blog.  I had no idea!  How cool is that?

They both said (and a girlfriend also reminded me today), that I haven't followed up and told you about my new job like I promised!  I suppose I've been a little hesitant following the Conference Producer position debacle of January 2010.  Remember that?  I took a job doing what I thought was research, but it turned out to be more cold call sales, and I realized getting called a bi*** and getting hung up on does not put me in my happy place.  But when I got the job, I was so excited so I told everyone, and then?  I only lasted 9 days.

So since I've been working at my new job for about two months, I feel like it's okay to share.  I got a job through a mutual friend as a Freelance Publicist for a P.R. company.  I work from home which totally rocks, and my boss may be about the coolest person ever.  I get to write, which I love, and I'm finally earning a paycheck which helps the ol' ego.

To Mary Ann, Suzette, and anyone else who may be reading this blog, thank you!  (Now please don't tell Mike about the whole baby-smelling, may be ready for kids part.  I'm sure the food coma I was in left me temporarily insane.)

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  1. It was wonderful to see you again! I'm calling B.S. on the butt thing,,,, looked pretty good to me, just saying. & babies aren't so bad : )