It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Name Game: A Losing Battle

Okay, okay, I know I just need to do it.  I need to "officially" change my last name, because this "tweener" stage is annoying me.

Today I went to my bank to deposit a check (Yes, deposit, not cash).  It's the same bank I've been going to for years, only a different branch in our new 'hood.  The check was made out to "Jeannie Crofts" and not "Jeannie Evanchan."

The teller says, "Oh, did you change your name?"

Me: "Yep, I got married a few months ago."

Teller: "Congrats.  But I can't deposit this check."

Me: "Well, the other branch changed my name a couple of months ago after I showed them my wedding license, and they've been depositing my "Crofts" checks since then, no problem."

Teller hesitantly: "Okay, well I guess I could try and e-mail that branch to see if they still have the license on file." (Me thinking: "Is e-mail really the quickest way to get this resolved?")  The teller then glanced at the line forming behind me, clearly not wanting to do this.

Teller continues: "Because if I try and deposit it under your maiden name, it will bounce, then any money you spend will be overdrawn, then you'll have to pay fees and you'll probably die a slow painful death. (Okay, I added the last part.)

Long story short, the teller wouldn't budge even after I showed him my ID that still says "Crofts" and reminded him that the other branch happily deposited my check a couple of weeks ago.

The moral of this story: It appears this name change/wedding license isn't an official policy, I just happened to get the cranky guy on a Monday who's girlfriend cheated on him this weekend and now he's in a bad mood.


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