It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting my beef on!

Warning: Vegetarians may not want to read this blog.

Wow, I'm in beef overload. I've eaten more meat in the past 4 days than any one person should eat in a lifetime. I've had so much meat, I can feel it sitting in my arteries. I had to walk to Walgreens today to pick up heartburn medication, because I feel like some of the beef is sitting near my heart.

My beefy weekend started Friday night at Fogo de Chao for Mike's birthday.  If you've never been, it's a Brazilian steakhouse that offers about a dozen different types of beef, served to you at your table.  Dozens of men walk around with their slabs of beef and offer you a chunk.  I ate?  A lot.  I mean, I had to get my money's worth!

Getting my beef on continued last night with my weekly dose of Chipolte.  As I've said before, their burritos are like a little party in your mouth.  Every two days I crave a steak burrito, but I have to limit myself to once a week so my butt doesn't get even larger than it is now.  (When I eventually get pregnant?  All bets are off, I'm going there everyday.)

The beefiness continued today with lunch at Portillo's.  Two of my friends were in town visiting, so we decided to meet there.  I got an Italian beef sandwich dipped once in au jous.  (Mike's advice?  Have it dipped at least twice and get a side of cheese sauce.)  It was delicious, but gut-filling, so I insisted on walking a mile home afterwards to work off the massive amount of calories I just consumed.

Tonight?  Oh god, I just realized I thawed out pork chops for dinner.

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