It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Maybe the recession is a good thing

The other day, I was talking with a girlfriend of mine about how cocky we were in our 20's work-wise.  She's in PR, and said by 26, she thought she should be one of the vice president's of her company, and she pretty much let everyone know that.  When she didn't get promoted, she quit.  After that, things were a little rocky with a brief unemployment stint, but luckily now she's employed and humbly laughs about those days.

Being on a billboard?  I thought I was SO cool
I was the same way at 25, while working as a reporter in Fort Myers.  I was convinced that I should be one of the main anchors, and I cussed my bosses for not agreeing.  I also thought I should be making WAY more money than I was.  During contract negotiations, I told my news director what I thought I should be making.  He laughed and said, "Well then you'd be the highest paid reporter at this station."  My response?  "So?"  I ended up only getting about a dollar more per hour.

For the rest of my 20's, the cockiness continued.  I thought I worked harder than anyone else, always drew the short straw, and never made enough money.

Then the recession hit.

At 30, I lost my TV job and with it, all cockiness.  I suddenly realized no job is secure, and for every job I applied for, there were 400 other equally qualified people willing to work just as hard, if not harder, than me.  I realized I could no longer be cocky, or believe that I should be making more money.

Now, I am super thankful to have a job.  (Yes, you heard me right.  I have a job!  Details coming later.)  I work harder than I ever did in my 20's, but I don't complain about it.  I'm super happy with my salary, and am willing to do just about anything my boss asks of me. (Barring anything icky or illegal.)

So to you recession:  Yes, you stink, but I think you've made many of us better people.  We appreciate what we have, and don't take things for granted.  (So since we've learned our lessons, you can go away now.)

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