It's official!

It's official!
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another city perk

Just when I thought getting a spray tan was the coolest/most convenient thing ever, I am now enjoying another luxury of city living.  I just had $153 dollars worth of groceries delivered to my front door instead of having to carry them on my back like my usual torture.  I even answered the door in my robe--talk about cool!

I have 5 girlfriends in town for my 2nd Bachelorette party (Holla!), and I wanted to make them a really nice breakfast on Sunday morning.  I knew carrying all the groceries including a gallon of milk, gallon of o.j., champagne for the o.j., and tequila for the milk (Yum!) would be very heavy for the mile walk home.  So I remembered seeing these Peapod trucks in our neighborhood delivering groceries to people's high-rise apartments.  I looked it up, and realized the price is very reasonable.  The delivery price was only $6, and I had a $10 off coupon, so it's perfect!

Once you place your order, you choose a pick-up time and you have several hours to change your order.  Last night after a few cocktails, I "drunk ordered" some more stuff, because why should I live without Doritos?

When I finally get a full-time job, I've decided I'm going to Peapod it every week, because after an entire winter of schlepping my groceries a mile in the snow, well, I deserve it.  (I wonder how I'll tell that story to my kids?  It will probably end up being five miles in a blizzard, and I couldn't afford shoes so I got frostbite on my toes and nearly lost every tootsie.  Yeah--I like that.)

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  1. You are so smart to do that - it's worth the extra cost!!!! City smart girl, I say :)