It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sports or Reality TV-which sucks you in more?

I'll admit it, ratings-popular shows like The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars squeeze out every ounce of the show, often making them way longer than needed. During ratings periods, Dancing with the Stars is on two nights a week, when it should only be one. I've gotten much more savvy though, so now I record the show and fast forward through the recaps, interviews with the "stars", and the awkward time fillers such as a behind the scenes look. I've even taken charge of my life by not watching the Bachelorette this season! I watched one episode and saw one of the contestants crying because he was really nervous about doing a kissing scene with Ali, the Bachelorette. Seeing a man cry over something lame like that, is in my opinion, unwatchable. If I wanted a pansy, well let's just say, I would still be with any of my ex-boyfriends.

Mike teases me about my love for drawn-out shows, however, have you thought about how much time is spent on sports??? The other night we were flipping through channels, and we shot past an NBA game. Mike said, "Man, the [Cleveland] Cavs should still be in that." What? That was months ago!! Sure enough, the NBA finals started around April 17th, and are still going on! Mike explained that 8 teams from the Eastern Conference and 8 teams from the Western Conference play each other. The teams have to win in a best of 7 series. 7!! Who has time for that??

He also told me that qualifying for the World Cup, which is going on now, started about 3 years ago, and now it's down to the final 32 teams. 3 years!

Sure, it would make sense for the Bachelor to take 3 years to decide on a future wife, but choosing in a few weeks makes it much more fun!

So whatever your guilty pleasure is-- either a dating reality show involving pansies and roses (and by pansies, I don't mean the flower) or big men sweating and running up and down a court, I say enjoy it! (And invest in Tevo, so you can fast forward through commercials and/or rewind so you can re-watch an awkward moment and suddenly feel much better about your own life.)


  1. Just wanted to let you know, I was your 10,000th visitor to your blog. . .yeah!!!!!!

  2. Aw, yeah! I'm legit now :) That's very cool..keep reading Mom!