It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bridezilla, here I come!

How long do you think it takes a company to send out this dress to the customer who ordered it?  2 weeks?  3 weeks?  Try 3 months and counting.  Did I mention this is my wedding dress and I still haven't received it, and oh yeah, our wedding in his 3 weeks.

Deep breaths Jeannie, deep breaths.

C'mon Alfred Angelo, I ordered this dress on March 17th, and I didn't ask for Pope Benedict to bless it before you shipped it off.  Everyday I call and some 20's-something girl with a really high voice tells me, "It should be on its way."  Well guess what ladies, it's not.

Here is why you should always listen to your inner voice.  I went into the Alfred Angelo store in Fort Myers, Florida after my girlfriend/bridesmaid raved about the fabulous service she received there.  Like Julia Roberts Pretty Woman style, where the workers were bringing her dresses that would look fabulous on her.  When I went it, I was told to "help myself" and had to personally up-zip the protective bag around each dress just so I could see it.  Typically bridal shops don't want people's dirty digits on their dresses, but apparently mine were A-OK.

Then when I tried on the dresses (none of which were in my size), I had to come out of the dressing room holding it up for dear life so I didn't flash everyone there.  My girlfriend had someone pin her dress for her, but for me?  Nothing.

I hesitantly ordered the dress I thought would fit.  And did I mention I did so on March 17th?

And it's still not here.

I'm channeling my inner Bridezilla, and getting ready to call and argue with the Co-Manager on why I should get my money back.  Wish me luck and pray that I don't make her cry.

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